***Lions @ Packers Monday Night Football Game Thread***

Welcome back to The Den Message Board, and our Detroit Lions are back in live NFL game action after enjoying their Week 5 mid-season bye week! Our Lions have prepared and practiced in the past week at the teams Allen Park team and training facility, after resting and being away from football from their bye week to continue their 2019 NFL season.

I am also adjusting and acclimating to the pageless threads we post here on the new ‘The Den’ message board format, including the Game Day Thread.

Our 2-1-1 Lions are in Northern Wisconsin in a battle of first place in the NFC North Division to play the 4-1 Green Bay Packers, as both the Lions and Packers conclude the Week 5 of 2019 NFL Regular Season on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Lions are also making their lone scheduled appearance in 2019 on MNF.

Lions rookie TE T.J. Hockerson will be available to play with the team after clearing concussion protocol.

Detroit is also on a current four-game regular season winning streak over Green Bay, not losing to the Packers at Lambeau Field since 2016, beginning with the 2017 NFL Season, the year the Lions swept and won all three of their road games at the NFC North opponents for the first time in Lions team history.

Detroit is also playing Green Bay on MNF for the second time in three years. Lions won the second of their four games over Green Bay in the past two seasons, when they defeated the Packers 30-17 on MNF back on November 6, 2017.

Lions shut out the Packers by the score of 31-0 in both teams season finale, and both teams recent meeting played at Lambeau Field, back on December 30, 2018. Game highlights included two Matthew Stafford touchdown passes to T.J. Jones, from 5 yards in the first quarter, and from 22 yards in the fourth quarter, a 13-yard TD run by Zach Zenner, and a Matt Prater 8-yard TD pass to Levine Toilolo, his 43-yard field goal, and his 4 PAT’s completed the game scoring for the Lions. Detroit’s win at Green Bay left both teams with 6 wins during the 2018 NFL Regular Season.

However, Green Bay still leads the all-time series, including 177 regular season, and 2 postseason games, at 100-72-7, in tonight’s 180th series meeting. A rivalry that began when the Packers defeated the visiting Portsmouth Spartans by the score of 47-13 at Green Bay back on November 2, 1930.

Joe Tessitore and Anthony Darelle ('Booger") McFarland are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Lisa Salters, for prime time Monday Night Football, telecast locally over-the-air in Southeastern Michigan on WXYZ ABC Channel 7, beginning with the WXYZ Monday Night Pregame Countdown at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, and live game coverage at 8:00 PM EST, simulcast locally on WXYZ ABC Channel 7, and throughout the USA, and internationally on ESPN, all stations seen live on HD.

Mostly clear skies at 42 degrees, feels like 40 degrees, is the local gamecast inside Lambeau Field, for the 8:15 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 5% precipitation, 74% humidity, and southwest winds at 5 miles per hour.

Head Linesman Clete Blakeman leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the live game action on the field between the Lions and Packers.

All NFL teams, including the Lions and Packers players, coaching and team support staffs, may continue to wear NFL authorized pink apparel during tonight’s MNF game both on the playing field, and in their sidelines, to support the NFL’s annual ‘Crucial Catch’ campaign every October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and their survivors.

NO injuries to both the Lions and Packers players, and let’s hope our Lions leave Lambeau Field with their third straight road win, and fifth overall, from Green Bay! LET’S GO LIONS!!!

2019 Lions @ Packers Team Injury Reports, Live NFL Game Center, And NFL’s A Crucial Catch Links:



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If the Lions can win tonight they will have a 5 game win streak.
That has not happened since they won 11 straight from 1949 through 1954.

Jebus, is the game really tonight? Seems like a friggin’ month since last played.


I hear you! Lets hope the players got rested up and Patricia got a great game plan dialed in during that “month” :wink:

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Who’s going???

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It’s on my bucket list, to see a game there.

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I don’t think GB will look quite as sharp as they did when they absolutely carved up Dallas. I don’t see Aaron Jones walking his way to damn near 200 all purpose yards like he did against the cowgirls either.

With Adams out, I think we should pressure Erin more than we did Mahomes. Rodgers is a lot older and is a bit less likely to beat us with his legs. Not to mention he loves to throw the ball away when getting chased. Dial it up and maybe we get him to turn it over, which he doesn’t do very often.

On offense, I could see us running a bunch of screen passes and almost expect McKissic to take one to the house. I also expect Crosby’s nemesis to make an appearance (goalpost).


It has been a month. We last played a game in September.

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I have seen 3 games there. It is worth the effort. The Packer HOF is right on site and is interesting even for fans of other teams assuming you are also fans of NFL history.

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We have a new yuge municipal building that they put in the middle of a neighborhood. Its so dang out of place. You are just driving along this little neighborhood, then turn a corner and BOOM…there’s the municipal building. I’ve heard Lambeau field is kind of like that. Is it true?

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Basically the stadium is possibly the biggest structure in the town of Green Bay and it is smack in the middle of a residential area. Their practice facility is across the street and there is a strip mall and a couple restaurants nearby but it is basically a residential neighborhood with houses straight down the road from the stadium in most directions. We parked in a guys yard about 6 blocks from the stadium. Those people in the houses on the roads leading to the stadium pull in a lot of cash parking cars game days.

You can see the stadium from a long ways away because it dwarfs everything around it. It reminds me way more of a football Saturday in a college town than most NFL situations.

And as much as I hate the Packers, the love affair between the people in the town and the team is one of the most incredible things I have seen in the NFL. If it snows, the Packers just haul out a ton of shovels and provide coffee, hot chocolate and donuts and the townfolk just show up and shovel the walkways, stadium steps and floors between the seats and brush off the seats…no questions asked. I am talking families with kids all shoveling the stadium. It cost the Packers next to nothing to have a “workforce” that would be almost impossible to hire out.

I lived in Sheboygan WI for 5 years…one hour North of Milwaukee and one hour South of Green Bay. I still marvel, years after moving back to MI, how on Sundays everybody I saw in the street in Sheboygan was wearing Packer gear even if they had no intention of going to the game, which most were not and how the corner bars were jammed with regulars who came every game day and brought pot luck dishes to the bar to share and the bar just provided the cheap draft beer and well drinks.

It is hard to explain Green Bay and WI in regards to the Packers unless you have seen it first hand living there.


I look at it this way. A win tonight would be absolutely massive while a loss wouldn’t be that devastating so I think the Lions are playing with a bit of house money tonight.

Of course a loss would hurt but it wouldn’t hurt THAT much depending on how they lose although a 5-1 Packer team would be tough to overcome. A win would be enormous though with it being a division road win in a tough environment and going a long way towards validating them as a contender.

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A loss and they will not make the playoffs, simple as that. This division is tough and the NFC West is tough. I don’t see how they could possibly overcome a loss without a running the table kind of scenario.

The Lions want to show they belong, they want to prove they are good, they need to smack the Packers right in their smug ass faces and win this game. If they can’t win, they will have shown they are no better than last year. Their 2 wins this year look a heck of lot worse than they did at the time, Chargers are garbage and the Eagles are sketch at best. Even the Chiefs moral loss looks bad now that KC has lost 2 in a row.

Win this game, simple as that, or they are what they are…another mediocre team.

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I’ve heard enough stories about the experience to realize that its a unique experience. This municipal building can’t be seen until you are almost at it. The neighborhood around it is established with lots of trees lining the streets so you can’t really see the building. If those trees were not there, you’d definitely be able to see it from pretty far out.

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I want to make a game in GB, but with me going to the Chiefs last month and Vikings game next week in Detroit, I just couldn’t justify another game so soon. One of these years, I only live about a 4 hour drive away.


Yea, the best way I can describe it is like that of a college town…one of those towns that would be nothing without the University, where the town grew up around the campus and the Stadium in the olden days but then the stadium got bigger and bigger over time and now is the biggest thing you can see. In Green Bay there are not really many big office buildings anyway and what few big buildings exist are nowhere near the stadium.

One of the cool things from my days in WI was being invited to go duck hunting along the shore of Green Bay (the waterway). It was an evening hunt and we were on the water a few miles from the stadium and it was easily the thing that kept catching your eye just because it was the biggest thing around.

Well this night happened to be either a MNF or SNF game…and not just any game…it was the game that was Farve’s first return to Green Bay as the QB of the Vikings. We were packing up as it was getting dark the the game was about to start. Suddenly over Green Bay came some fighter jets and we watched them circle the bay a couple times like ducks circling a decoy spread before locking up and landing. After a couple laps the jets banked hard and roared over the stadium. That was pretty cool to see from about 4 miles out where you could see them setting up the run and waiting for the timing to blast over the stadium right at the end of the National Anthem. It was a very “Murica” moment

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Having lived in Green Bay for 6 years, moved back to MI last year, it is really something to see. Though it is a nightmare of traffic around gameday, I worked a mile down the road and would have to go a couple of miles out of my way if I got called into work during a game. Though it is definitely worth it if you get a chance. I also know that when I left they were in the process of adding in more things for the fans, the strip mall is gone and being replaced by fan experience things, they want a draft or a SuperBowl at least that is what they told the people when requesting the right to buy the 2 mile strip next to the stadium.


Thanks for that. I was last there in 2008.

I both hate the Packers and their fans and at the same time have respect for both. It’s weird and hard to explain

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That’s a tad dramatic. They don’t need to go 13-2-1 to win the division. The division is good but this isn’t exactly The Purple People Eaters, '84 Bears and late 90s Packers that we’re talking about here.

Lets put this in perspective. It’s the first division game of the year and it’s a road game in Green Bay. This is not must win. It’s an important game but the season is far from over if they lose. It just makes it a steeper climb.