Lions Pass Blocking v Chargers

0 Sacks
1 Hurry

Didn’t hurt that Turnstile Taylor was inactive.

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But we had coaches who adjusted from last game to this one!

Dropped decker and kept TJ in for blocking duties! Someone said he was only targets three times…

Love to have a break down on TJs plays

We didn’t “drop” Decker

Anybody that thinks Decker wont be starting again as soon as he possibly can is kidding themselves and showing a lack of football knowledge

Decker has to have a lot more poor games before he gets benched. And sadly, some here are rooting for him to have bad games so they can feel they were right

Agnew…yea…he got benched

Dahl playing very well so far

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I saw Wiggin in there a few times. I’m guessing he is rotating with Dahl. I’ll have to check the game snap counts later.

Agnew’s lucky he wasn’t taken out back and shot

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Especially in pass blocking for sure. There was one 3rd and short run play were he got bad and they got a TFL on us but every lineman gets beat sometimes and overall he is playing very well

They did “drop” him… dropped him right off the starting line up brother…

And it’s 50/50 imho that he’s back next week.

Benched … dropped … not starting … who cares the wording as most of us seem to know what it means… but hey nit pick away if you feel better about it.

Extremely happy to see the pass protection play lights out today. The coaches kept extra blockers in to help and allowed Matt to make reads and allow routes to develop. We only scored two TDs but it was a solid game plan to keep Matt from getting killed.

I noticed and thought the same thing… gotta check the tape. Was he a 6th lineman or was there a little rotating going on?

Our defense has played 7 of 8 wrestling good enough to win off only 2 TDs imho…

I like it
I love it and
I want some more of it!!

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Wiggins was at lg and Dahl was at RG. Not sure what Glasgows concern is/was

I’m disappointed with the DL
I was expecting more pressure
Unless I’m wrong I haven’t seen much blitzing either
Can’t argue the results on the scoreboard but I thought they’d be more dominant

OL May be doing ok on pass blocking but I’d like to see better run blocking

Whoever was down playing Hockenson after this game should consider that not every game will be set up like the first. Matchups and gane plans change each week.


Yeah - TJ is already looking like a swiss army knife!!

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We actually had spots of good success running the ball. Both Johnson’s had some nice runs

But were not consistent enough at it and we still can’t just line up and take 1-2 yards by force on 3rd or 4th and short

Love that Patricia went for it on 4th and 2
Not happy that we basically HAD to throw it on 4th and 2 because we cannot exert our will on the opposing team

When we can do THAT. Just line up and take 2 yards by force…when everyone knows that’s what we are gonna do…THEN I will be happy w our run game


Good point on the 4th and 2
I found myself hoping they wouldn’t try to run
If they had tried to run I’m sure it would have failed

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This is a lost art in today’s NFL. Not a lot teams that can do this anymore. Would be nice though

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Can John Riggins still play? :sunglasses:

Where’s Baldwin?

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