Lions prioritizing extensions for Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St. Brown


Been hearing this for months, but where’s the beef? :laughing:


Yeah, the article is rather thin on details.


I asked this last week.

I mean for something that is a priority they sure are taking their time.

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I like it. It’s clear we’re hard-ass negotiators and trying to squeeze every inch of life out of these contracts so they stay in our favor. Maybe we get ARSB for $20M/year instead of $25M. Maybe we get Goff for $40M instead of $50. That’s 2-3 extra good players we can add to the roster.

I’m just guessing at the numbers for this hypothetical, don’t hold me to them. My overall point is we’re trying to create as much value as possible, which honestly seems to be Brad’s primary axiom as a GM.


Goff gets 3 years and 144M in “new money or 48M AAV- with 100M guaranteed just a bit higher than Kirk’s new AAV and guarantee. Yet a bit lower over 4 years.

Ra gets 4 years and 100M in “new money” is roughly 5 years and 101.5M and thus a steal.

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I am coming on here daily expecting these extensions…I am not clear why these is taking so long. And honestly the longer the Lions take the more it will cost as the market prices just keep climbing.


I reckon its all done and just waiting to announce at the draft along with the new uniforms.


Many people believe it will be after the draft. Closer to June.

When dealing with these high profile extensions, they want to make sure all the t are crossed and i are dotted and im sure they were very far apart to start the negotiations.

I am not sure this is true. Especially in ARSB case. You know he is going to come in wanting around 25M per. The only question will be length of contract and guaranteed money. But I would think the total number is likely close. But if by far you mean other details. Then I yeah I guess I would agree with you. The length and guaranteed cash are I am guessing where things could be far.

Lions - 5 years 120M with 60M Guar
ARSB - 3 years 78M with 50M Guar

I guess I would agree that is more than spitting distance…LOL

Now that I put in writing you could be more right than I would like to believe.

I do know this. ARSB has felt shafted from day 1. And he is going to be pretty firm on this stuff. He felt he was a 1st rounder so he feels like he has been shafted out of like 10-15M already. You can not turn that dawg in him on and off as you please. He is going to be that person all the time.

Yea ARSB. Almost got more in bonuses from the playoffs than his base pay.

Everyone on their team gets paid the same amount per game during the playoffs, he got no more than did Steven Gilmore, maybe around $150K total.

What about an extension for the best player on the team? The best player at his position in the NFL? Possibly, the best player in the nfl?
That’s the one I want to hear more of…

I think that they’re focused on the draft at the moment. They have time.

Fox? He got a fat extension a few years ago!

But sewell will be give the 5th year tag before the end of the month.
The deadline is may 3rd?

Do we know the Lions are extending these guys after the draft?
I just need to recalibrate my expectations is all on timing

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Maybe waiting for nearer to the draft, or at the draft to announce the signings for the Detroit crowd as Lions are picking 29th and could trade out even.

Not for the broadscast, but to announce pre television or duting breaks to fire up live crowd.

Goff will be a mistake though, paying him means less money for oline and weapons. I still hold out umtilate hope that Ben Johnson leaves and his teams trades for Goff. Goff behind aything less than a top 3 oline will get exposed.

Your taking crazy pills.

Next season half the nfl will have a $40+m QB.
And last 2 years goff was a top 5 cap hit. So not like we wernt paying him already.

As for timing of contracts. I don’t expect any news till June

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