Lions sign First round pick OT Germain Ifedi

This guy gets its! As a said last week, post more brother, you are killing it IMO.


I wonder if Stenberg survives cuts even before training camp?

He really doesn’t seem to be part of the plan.


Doubt it. He was a Quintrita player. They will rather keep Awosika or pieschbaker over stenburg.


I think they’d like to keep 9, but looking at the roster…man, are they are going to have some REALLY tough decisions to make on some guys. There’s still a long time to go before the start of the season and unfortunately, some injuries will change things, but what a good problem to have.

I thought the same but @Thats2 showed me the breakdown it was 8 OL with some PS call ups.

Decker, Jonah, Ragnow, _____, Sewell,

Glasgow G/C
Sorsdal G/RT
Ifedi. G/T

The 9th OL is Ross Piersbacher backup center
He might be cut in #s game and PS

Eze LT & Cecil Center two UDFA to watch for.

Nelson time is up here it looks. Stenberg he gone.


Great problem to have. Waving good players at the end of preseason

This is what I have too. Not surprising since I’m pretty sure @Thats2 have some sort of a closely shared conscious. I just keep looking over the 53-man and can’t find a way for them to keep 9 OL. But, like I said, a lot of things will change between now and the end of the pre-season.

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I’m not sure who he has for his projected OL or roster but he did show me that we usually keep 8 not 9 on the active roster last year.

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Initial 53 man in 2021 was 8, 2022 was 9. But a lot plays into these decisions like who is kept (versatility, injuries, etc). Assuming everyone stays healthy on the OL this offseason, I am in agreement with you that we’re probably only keeping 8 and probably the 8 you outlined…because they are not only the best players, but also all of the backups can play multiple positions.

If I had to guess, I’d give the starting nod to Big V at RG, if for no other reason to keep your backup C (Glasgow) healthy in case Ragnow’s foot forces him out.

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Would be nice to “Trinity” trade at least one of them…

I like your list, though I think it’s possible Sorsdal ends up protected on the practice squad for a decent chunk of the year. I also really like Awosika’s upside, I’ll be interested to see how he performs in training camp.

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They can do that? How does that work…I thought if we cut him they can claim
Him like Reilly Patterson Kicker last year

So I know teams are allowed to protect 4 players per week, and there’s no limit to how many times a guy can be protected.

I’m not as familiar with getting guys from the roster to the practice squad. I don’t think they have to go through waivers first but I could be wrong about that. I know that the late-round gems rarely get sniped by other teams at final cutdown cause they have their own late-round gems they’re trying to protect. Maybe @DeadStroke or @Phunnypharm know more.

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All players with less than 3 accrued seasons have to clear waivers before being put on PS.

Players are protected Tuesday through the end of the game for the week. So any player that was protected is still available to be signed on Monday or Tuesday before the next weeks protection starts.


a player has to be released to end up on the PS.

If the player is not a vested veteran…. he is subject to waivers.

The “protected” PS players are not even fully “protected “… as they can be signed by another team on Monday or Tuesday of that week.


There you have it (see above). So it’s a riskier proposition that I thought. Still it’s pretty common for day 3 guys to wind up on the practice squad, especially on good teams. And like I said very few get sniped after final cutdowns, every team is agonizing over who to cut and who to keep and generally don’t have the room to add someone from another team. They prefer to keep their own guys. Attrition throughout the season changes that so to me the Monday/Tuesday window would be more worrying.


@DeadStroke @Phunnypharm
Thank you

Man I love this place.


Another factor is if you claim a guy off another teams practice squad, he must then be on the new teams 53 man roster for a minimum of 3 games, otherwise teams would be claiming guys a lot more often.

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Another 1st round pick, how does Brad do it.

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