Lions sign Quinton Dunbar

I actually like this. Hopefully Okudah and Oruwariye are still the long term plans, but this allows them to develop longer if they need to.


This is great insurance. Now at least one FA safety and maybe some Oline depth before the draft

One Year deal Like it an should help young guys.


I don’t see need for OL depth before draft. They likely draft one OLman an bring few UDFA in for camp.

There goes a comp pick I’d imagine. If we signed him for under that threshold (1.75m) then this is a home run and further testament to what great recruiters the current regime are.

He’s got #1 CB upside.

I mean not permanently but on this roster sure.

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Nope. His peak was #1 CB level. Not a long track record of doing that though. And he really struggled last year.

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Maybe we did get him i At 1.75m due to this.



Stop with the comp pick worrying we will get couple an we will have these players on one year deals to resign an talk to first next year.

Some will be extended who prove they can an want to play. The ones who just want pay day will be shown the door.

I am glad we don’t pass on a one year deal to add talent even if we lose a 7 or 6 rd comp. We will get a third for sure plus we have 2 firsts .


It’s not worrying, Yote. Just tracking it.

Ok Thing is he doesn’t have a lot of tread on his game he has been injuried but is healthy now so should fit. Plus he knows the staff an they know him which could be big plus.

Sounds like a guy who can play but also needs the right people pushing him .

I think with his ability an size he could have had other offers an who knows maybe he contacted are Secondary coach to show he was interested.

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I like it. I’d just like it better if it didn’t cost us a comp 5th. And it may not. We have to wait and see.

He was terrible last year but between the criminal allegations, Covid and the team change that is not all that surprising.


The 28-year-old Dunbar played for the Seattle Seahawks in 2020 after spending his first five seasons with the Washington Football Team. He has 180 tackles and 10 interceptions in 64 career games. s 2020 season ended after just six games due to knee surgery

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He’s already associated with the “Blue” team, and could be invaluable against the Redskins.

Hope we get 2019 Dunbar. If so, very nice.

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He’s playing for his last shot at a decent contract. And he’s with the position coach that helped him blossom initially. I like our chances.


At 1st glance, it appears the Lions could be valuing potential impact LB’s over CB’s in the 2nd Round baring a trade down - like Bolton, Ossai, or Cox over several CB candidates, based on CB acquisitions the last few days.

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I think offense, offense is coming. Pass catcher and OT. Board really lines up well for that. Pass catcher then OT is probably a surer bet but if Sewell drops you take him IMO. Safety in round 3.


I think we go OT in rd one if no trade down an even if we trade down i can see us taking a OT an then a WR . Rd three likely LB an S