Lions visit with JK Dobbins

Detroit Lions

Aaron Wilson


Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins has video conferences with several teams, including Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, per a league source. He visited Dolphins prior to the NFL shutting down visits

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I could see green bay taken him in round one.

I like Dobbins. I only question his size. 5’9 200 lbs? Granted he wouldn’t be a feature back but then again, why waste a draft pick on a player who would be part-time? This philosophy has hurt BQ in the past. He waste picks

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I think he’ll be the best back in this class… Depending on who’s available, I’d be comfortable selecting him in the 2nd. I also love Akers as a sleeper in the 3rd, I think he could be really good if he cleans up the fumbles.

Barry was 5’8" 203 lbs with legs like tree trunks. Build matters and perhaps a reminder why skinny legged RBs like Kerryon Johnson aren’t built for the long haul.


Well maybe you don’t ? As much if you had the right weight he’s 210 not 200. And 210 at 5"9 means he’s alittle stout.

JK Dobbins build reminds me a ton of Barry. By far the RB I want first for the lions

I like Dobbins A LOT but he’s not Barry. Nobody is of course.


Crazy stat I heard on the Charlotte Panthers sports radio after Mccaffrey signed the record extension.

They said that 8 running backs touched the ball in the AFC and NFC championship games.

The total salary for all 8 running backs was around $11 million.

Christian Mcaffrey in gonna be making $16 million.

No disrespect to the RB position but they are a dime-a-dozen. I don’t want the Lions to select any RB before round 3. The positional value is simply not there.


Again, you can get backs later in the draft. Why waste a pick on a back when you have more important holes to fill? This is why BQ continue to waste picks

No thank u ,I’ll take Dobbins Taylor or swift.
But that looks more like a Quinn move so maybe you be right

not picking on you at all, but there are very few RB’s in THIS draft that are over 6’0:
:you get a lot of : 5’9 - 5’11.

I don’t. Aaron Jones is a top back

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no problem…I should have been more specific. I believe we need a back more like Perine a physical back. It’s nothing against Dobbins. Personally, I wouldn’t waste a 2nd rd pick on him. Our team has too many holes. Perine could do the same job as Dobbins

I agree Barry, Perine finished 2019 with 2, 485 rushing yards in 50 games…50 games because Florida was a more pass-heavy offense. but Perine ran with a 5.1 YPC and he played in the Orange Bowl. He’s a tiny bit bigger than Dobbins in stature (no homo) .

Dobbins is still a very potent RB IMO…

I think the lack of a running game has absolutely killed this team over the years. So I’m not in the camp that thinks RBs are easily found and a dime a dozen. Get a good one at all costs. It’s the one glaring issue that has never been properly addressed since Barry left. Nothing is a wasted pick if it changes the team for the better.


Good point. People seem to forget that Barry Sanders was picked in the first round, 3rd overall by the Lions. Did they make a mistake? I don’t think anyone would say that was a mistake.

NFL was very different 30+ years ago. RBs have been devalued since then.

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Dobbins or some other good back will be there at the top of the 2nd. I’d be fine with them holding out to later and picking up Dillon for insurance.

I would trade Barry for a Super Bowl. (Man, it was hard for me to type this. He’s my favorite player)