Lions vs Bills Game Day Thread: Playoffs here we come?

Keep it here, boys.

If I’m Patricia and Cooter, I use that jumbo package with Zenner at least 15 times.

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Then we could play action pass to a TE after we run that like 8 times.

Tabor is playing? Why?

Gotta keep evaluating these younger guys.

He’s got to be down to his final chance(s). If he continues to look spectacularly awful, they know they’ll have to spend another high pick on a defensive back.

Looking forward to…yeah, I got nothing.


From the shotgun…

The Detroit Lions, making garbage teams look solid since 1957.

Bills fans sound just like lions fans lol.

Stafford is going to get killed out there.

Only one look at that possible interception, but i don’t think both feet were down. And yea, Stafford won’t finish this game.

Sore back or not that was a nice throw.

Seriously? Back to back runs up the gut against the best run D in the NFL?

Davis loses outside contain, touchdown. Was playing well up to that. Ugh.

Golladay is back to being The Beast

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Can’t believe they overturned that but Dairy Sanders got his TD in the end.

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Man the Lions actually look pretty decent?