Lions waived Theo Riddick to make room for Mike Daniels


Riddick was on a few “most likely to be cut” lists. I didn’t expect it to happen this early, though.

He was not good last season, but I bet he’ll be snatched up and make it with some team…

I wonder if this says anything about how the Lions feel about what they have in Ty Johnson?


Riddick will catch on elsewhere, but I make this “trade” all day. Daniels brings more to the table.

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Cool that we are actually waiving NFL caliber football players. I almost expect some sort of trade, either for draft picks or an actual human that can play OG!

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One might think if the Lions had doubts about TJ they would’ve held onto Riddick awhile longer. OTOH, maybe they’ve seen enough of Theo to know he’s lost some of his mojo. What this does tell me is that the Lions have a lot of confidence in Zenner, he’s the backup insurance if KeJo misses any games.

Remember though, that CJA is only here for a year and if he does well then the chances are he signs elsewhere for big bucks. So, IMHO the Lions will be looking for a promising young RB on cut day or thereafter, plus on draft day next year. Unless maybe Mark Thompson gets his stuff together and shows us something in the PS games.

I’m just not seeing the Lions going after Duke Johnson or anyone else in a trade.

Likely, wise. If not this year, then next. We have a lot of expiring contracts that are going to be bigger money dudes. Harrison, Daniels, Slay, and I’m sure some others.

I have faith in Quinn. I think we’re building through the draft, more than anything. It also appears we are going with a Defense first mentality. Love that everyone we bring in is a football player, someone who actually likes contact, instead of just athletes. It feels like we are getting mentally tougher.

Sad to see him go, but, I saw it coming.
Thanks for playing your heart out for us, Theo. Nothing but best wishes for you!


Ty will be our #2. You can’t teach speed and he is pure speed!
We have a 1,2,3,4 that will be the envy of the league. Every one over 4.5 ypc.

Speeds one thing but I’m more interested in his vision and instincts with the ball. You can have all the speed in the world but if you can’t find the hole it’s not going to help much, and if you can’t make that first guy miss beyond the line of scrimmage then it’s a whole lot of 1-2 yard gains.

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I hope Theo lands on his feet with a new team. It is odd to see the Lions have enough depth that they cut a player who could probably make half of the teams in the league.


There goes the last petite back.

They’re all over 220 now, except KJ, but he’s not a shorty.

TY Johnson is 5-10, 208.

Oh, shoot. Forgot about him.

He’s still bigger than Riddick. And bigger than Abdullah.

So we trade 10 pounds for 4.26 speed. Might be more of a returner than RB. Let’s see how many carries he gets. I bet very few without a bunch of injuries.

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Speed kills and Johnson’s got it. You can’t coach it.
Playmaker, you go back to that. Hockenson and Johnson are playmakers. I knew Riddick was gone and there might be two, if not three, newcomers. Schedule is brutal. We’ll see.

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I didn’t think he’d make the team this year either. Not the style RB they are looking for and not much help on special teams either. Could be utilized in the right offense.

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Cutting him this early was classy. He’ll catch on with another team and have plenty of time to make an impact for them this year.
Theo isn’t done, just the odd man out in a strong backfield.


Give this guy to the guy who bulked up Zenner

Jeepers. Dude squatted 440 and benched 375.

And he’s gotten better at pass pro…

This could be a pretty interesting story.

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I am an unabashed Zenner fan. Look, the guy is not an RB1, okay? But he is suitable and serviceable as a backup, and he does it all: runs hard, catches the ball, pass pro, good ST player. He ain’t the fastest guy and he doesn’t make people miss, but given a hole he will break tackles and get you some tough yards and a 1st down. He’s the kind of guy you want in an RBBC backfield.

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Love the article, and the dude. Love his story!
I think his commitment and what he brings to the locker room are fantastic. So good for the team.
I don’t necessarily feel like guys can build much speed, I feel like we have seen pretty close to his ceiling.
Really like him as a badass energy on the team, as well as what he brings as a backup. I root for him like I used to root for Stanton, and for similar reasons. He brings a different set of problems than the starter, is always ready, and is a serviceable backup that already knows the system. I really feel comfortable counting on him in a backup, and as a fan, it’s fun to root for him as a player, and as a man.

Go get ‘em, ZZ! Punish those opposing defenses, especially the ones in the division! He is a good piece to help us win those sorts of division slugfests that Im’ expecting.

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I think too much weight is placed on speed and not enough on vision and smarts.

Zenner is looking the best (according to someone’s report on TC) at pass protection. THAT is what you want from an RB, much moreso than 0.1 seconds in the 40.

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Barry Sanders…yup! Pure vision and instinct. Not amazing speed (though much more than Zach).

I think ZZ is a really solid backup. Love what he brings. Increased ability to pick up blitzes will help a ton, as he will be more versatile. Previously, we are more predictable with him in the lineup. I still love speed, because they can make people pay the ultimate price for gamboling, but ZZ is a nice use of a roster spot, change of pace, and depth!