Locked on Lions interview Packers

I like listening to Dery now and then. He was interviewing Locked on host Peter Bukowski. Man that dude is obnoxious.

He was insistent that the Packers had a better team. Said Lafleur was a better coach than Campbell. Love was a better QB. Said their Oline was equal. Claimed they had a better WR group, Dline, secondary etc….

He wasn’t really interested in any rational discourse. Just sounded like he inhaled a helium balloon to troll for the Packers

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Let’s compare how we did last season. 9-8 vs 12-5 = Lions

Both 4-2 in the division = push

NFC south, Packers were 2-2, we were 4-0 = Lions

AFC west, Packers were 2-2, we were 4-0 = Lions

Offense = clearly Lions

Defense = 1 yard per game difference Packers

Run defense = Lions

Pass defense = Packers

Other, Packers were 1-2, we were 0-3 = Packers

QB = Lions

RB = Lions

WR = Lions

TE = Lions

O-line = Lions


Pack WR group is better than ours.


Outside of your emotional take. Who do they have that is close to ARSB and LaPorta?

GB does have a nice young group. And maybe better depth than the Lions. But the top end is so slanted to the Lions that it tips to the Lions clearly IMO.

Lions have 2 All Pro receivers…and GB has what? Did they even have a Pro Bowl WR. Sorry but this is a lousy take IMO not based on any data.

LEt me double down here.

TE - LaPorta vs Musgrave Lions huge
Slot - ARSB verse Reed Lions hage
WR - Jamo vs Watson GB but man Watson is not that great, expect JAMO to crush him in 2024
WR - DPJ vs Doubs GB but again stats will not be great to compare as GB does not have the slot and TE lions do so someone has to get the ball

Again after looking at this in the GB slant I still do not think it is close. The Lions just have a better WR crew.




Don’t agree with all his takes but don’t kid yourself…GB is a talented young team who will be very tough if Love finds the consistency he found at different points last year.

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Agree 100% on the Packers. This year we will learn more about Jordan Love, does he continue to improve from 2023.

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For me it is OK to say GB is a good young team. I am not sure why that should be a concern. The Lions need to focus on the Lions and keep getting better. But unlike the last 50 years. The Lions have their poop in a group so no worries.

No one in the NFL scares me as a fan. The Lions are now able to compete with the best in the league. They just need to out execute the other teams.


This. Always this. :clap:t2:

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I agree and am in the same thought with regards to the Lions and GB as you are.

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Or can he even stay equal to the last half?

There have been a lot of guys who flash for 6 or 8 games in the league and then evaporate, and Love hasn’t shown that he isn’t one of them yet.

Clearly, I’m here hoping to will that shit into existence, but I do actually think it’s premature to just assume that he’s going to be a stud based on one half of a season (when he was pretty crappy in the other half).

If he does continue to play well, the Pack will be tough. That’s fine. Part of being a good team is beating other good teams regularly.


H2H last year game 1 34-20 us in their house, and it wasn’t that close.
29-22 them in our house, and it wasn’t that close.

Honestly, with the way love played after he got used to being a starter, the division is up to us and the packers unless we can figure out a way to slow him down.

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There is also tape on Love now to dissect

I am curious to see what happens with him


This is key and why so many guys can look like world-beaters for a handful of games and then crash back to earth.

I hope Love looks just good enough to get a monster contract, and then he totally implodes. The Packers and their fan base are due for a Kyler Murray experience.


This 1000X

For sure GB is due to have a bad experience. I feel like they have not had the proper NFL experience where your team is absolute dog crap and its roster is such a mess so that they are 3-4 years away from getting right due to the mess. And that is assuming they find a QB.


The full Kyler Murray experience. Yes.

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Lol Homer view right here.

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LOL, well, my “emotional take” didn’t confuse ME about the difference between a TE and a WR. WE have the BEST WR, they have the best WR group.


Yep we only have one starting caliber WR, Laporta is not a WR. They have a legit group, we have one starter and a bunch of hopes and prayers that are overrated by fans.


So make a clear counter where this is off?

Goff > Love or best case even (which I disagree but anyway)

Monty/Gibbs > Jacobs/Lloyd/Dillon I think Mony and Jacobs are same and Gibbs tips it

WR - already did this, The Lions have an All Pro and some solid, GB is young and solid but the over all 3 on the field I tip to Lions

TE - not even a debate Lions

Oline - not even a debate Lions

So you can argue the QB some (not sure how but the running QB club has a strong belief system), and overall WR depth. But otherwise I am just not seeing where the idea that man on man the Lions do not win at every position group. I really do not think that the RB room is much of a debate. Gibbs is a freak. And Monty is just so old school good.

So please give your thoughts.

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