Locked on Lions interview Packers

I don’t know how you could possibly make that conclusion.

Me too.
21 watched the receiver, not the ball. Terrion would have that pass picked. He said. Right?

His reasoning was suspect anyway. He was like “yeah I like Laporta but when you add up all of our three TEs vs Laporta its a wash” (paraphrasing). But obviously we have other TEs too. And then you get to talk about how many passes a guy like Gibbs will get on top of that. Our WR core has been disrespected for years. Getting Raymond back will help. Jamo will grow. I have faith they will figure out the X.

He also dinged the Lions about a secondary pass rusher and Dery didn’t come back with the fact that we signed Davenport and Houston is coming back.

Personally, I think the Packers will be a handful. They were a handful by the end of the year and its very arguable that they are just as good as the Lions. They sort of had the same thing happen to them in SF as we did getting a lead and losing it, and they destroyed us on Thansgiving. I will not take them lightly. I think Cooper is an upgrade at MLB. Love is only going to get better. They signed a great safety, upgraded at DC, and maybe got better at RB.

But I really love our roster and there is no better way to the Super Bowl than beating the Packers to get there. I just hope its at home when we do it.


Dude sounded like a complete homer.

I do not dismiss the Packers this year. They are seemingly a playoff team and a contender for the division IF they stay healthy, IF Love continues to progress forward from the last half of the year, IF their WR room progresses, IF Jacobs steps in at a better level than Aaron Jones, IF they cannot get called for how they block, and IF their Defense maintains solid play. All of these are doable.

The Lions can maintain the division IF they stay healthy, maintain their excellence on offense, improve their defense, and maintain dominant offensive line. I like our team better than I like the Packers, but I respect their threat. Now we just need to do our business and crush them in season… or beat them in close games. I prefer the crushing of their souls personally, but winning is good enough.

I think the effect of Aaron Jones’ leadership is being slept on here.

I also think at the top of the roster we’re significantly more talented. GB is very, very deep. But they blew a golden opportunity to add stars in this draft.

This Packers team with say Fautanu but no Morgan or Hopper and Williams would scare me more.

Really nice take, Brock Wright caught 4TD in 2022 like all Packers TE in 2023.

We just need to take them down every time we face off and let’s see if they are laughing then !