Locker Room Celebration

The players love Campbell and AG. This right here shows Dan hasn’t lost the locker room and how much they all care for AG.


Winning fixes everything, but i think you’re correct… these guys are all in with DC and AG. All the “lost the locker room” chatter is from people who have never been in/near that locker room.


No doubt about it. Popular doesn’t equal good though. Nobody likes Scotty Bowman until they go to pick up their ring.


5 Wins in 2 Seasons

I would be happier if they didn’t like him but won a Division Title


They should build AG a statue outside of Ford Field after a single good performance by the defense against a terrible offense that has no receiving weapons.

Let’s see the locker room reaction next week when they lose to Justin Fields because AG has no idea how to scheme against a mobile QB.


Or their second……or third……or fourth

Players haven’t lost it for each other from offense and defense either. Note the end of the clip where Jacobs comes up to Jared as he’s telling him good job and Jacobs hugs him and just repeats, “knock 'em dead next week.”

The love is there.

Players on opposite sides of the ball is a HUGE thing, especially if they’re all still buying into MCDC, Johnson and AG.

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Or football in general. Some fans thought benching Elliot would make him quit the team midseason.

You want to know who the constant Bitchers are just read this post all the dam comments They are not fans they just like to bitch I can understand upset an disappointed cus i feel like that a lot But to come here an bitch an moan even after a win even if its last one this season your not even close to being a Fan… I see nothing but Moaners an complainers not all but a lot of you Look in the Dam mirror your not a fan


Just determined not to enjoy it, huh?
Well, okay. Don’t!
Me? I just got a glimpse of the future, and it was sorely needed.
Two rookies got interceptions. One of them got two.
I was worried about Barnes. I’m not anymore.
Mitchell and Zylstra scored!
Pascal played another solid game.
Alim is a man among boys.
We need to add depth, but, we have a strong foundation on the defense.
The offense got it done with St. Brown (still banged up), and a bunch of rookies and PS players. Of course it wasn’t a thing of beauty…
But, it was a win, and they deserved to win!


I tend to disagree. You can be a fan and be critical at the same time. You can be a fan and be happy. You can be a fan and still get to a point in the season where you’re rooting for them to lose for beans at the same time. You can be a fan and still spend your money on a bad team at the same time. You can be a fan and not watch. You can be a fan and throw things in your living room. You can be a fan and do backflips of joy in your living room.

Being a fan and ______________ never has to be mutually exclusive.

Telling someone who is glad they won but are still bitching about a second-year team having 5 wins and not winning anything for the last 60 that they aren’t a fan is just not my view. How is that any different from someone who praises every week instead of bitching every week despite results?

A fan is a fan. And you can fan however you’d like.


Ain’t that the truth

I get what you’re laying down. RIP Shock G.


crawled out for like 2 posts today….
and this the best we get?




A Town legend

Man DU was outstanding, along with their R&B counterpart at the time, Tony Toni Tone. Anniversary still gives me chills. Could still spit out the words if needed to win a bet.


Sadly, my life doesn’t revolve entirely around the Lions so I got to miss out on my usual complaining on the forums during the game. Good win for the team. Still not going to get excited about holding the Packers offense to a bunch of nothing. Definitely isn’t enough to take AG off the shit list for me. String a couple more together and we’ll see.

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At least you have enough grit to pick up the slack after a win…

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Dan must’ve rubbed off on me after all…