Look at the bright side

It may seem like everything is going wrong this season, which let’s be real, it partially is, but that is from a short-term perspective. I love DC and Holmes and believe in them, but they inherited one of the worst overall rosters of all time. We weren’t winning the North this year, but what we will get is a…

  • better draft pick during our second year of the rebuild
  • healthy Ragnow
  • healthy Cephus
  • healthy Okudah
  • healthy Okwara
  • year under the belt for a solid 2021 draft class
  • year under the belt for a young coaching staff…

Be upset all you want, but there’s positivity here. Four first-rounders in the next two years, and Rodgers is going to be gone. The North is about to be WIDE open. If Detroit Lions were a stock, I’d invest everything I’ve got into them right now.


I like the positivity in your post and I agree with many of the points. However, Okudah and Okwara may never be the same. The achilles injury is brutal, not many guys successfully return from it and unfortunately Okudah was pretty bad when he was healthy.

“Four first-rounders in the next two years, and Rodgers is going to be gone. The North is about to be WIDE open”

Really excited about the 4 first rounders, gotta nail those picks though B. Holmes.

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Also if we go this draft class… MY GOODNESS

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I totally see what you mean, but both of those guys are work horses, and are known for their tenacity in the offseason. If anyone’s getting through these injuries, it’s these two guys. They both come from incredible stories and I’m willing to wager we can’t count them out quite yet.

I’m not counting them out, but it wouldn’t be very smart to count on them in 2022. Often it takes 2 years before a player is fully recovered from an achilles rupture, which would mean they wouldn’t be fully healthy until the 2023 season.

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Not crazy about that draft personally. Hill would be great value but the rest of the players while all good players don’t present great value at those picks IMO.

Really hard to draft Ross with that injury.


We need to draft some healthy guys for sure. We got a roster full of serious injuries.

I don’t see us having a winning season until 2023 anyways. I’m someone who would want to continue building until that 2023 draft, and then address the QB position there. I don’t see us being playoff competitive until we go in a different direction from Goff.

I hate when people knock on Goff, but he simply has a ceiling that is too low and I don’t see us ever building a roster like he had in LA during the year he went to the SB. So, we’ll need to get a QB with more arm (and leg) talent.

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Yea, I’m still on the fence. I think we at least gotta get him a couple decent WR’s next year to evaluate him properly. There are no QB’s jumping out to me in the draft this year. Maybe we can find a stud in the 2023 1st round.

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Gardner is a hard-nosed lockdown corner from Detroit. We aren’t just drafting talent anymore, we’re drafting people. Gardner has displayed time and time again he’s the real deal, but more importantly, he’s the type of guy we’d want on our roster.

Again, this is through less than half the college season, so obviously it is subject to change, but I’d take any one of these cats… Metchie was also available in the place of Ross just a heads up, are you a Metchie over Ross guy yourself?

I like Gardner. I think 24 is a little high but I could live with it.

I agree, do you have your eyes on any 2023 guys at this point? I thought DJ from Clemson would have been an option at the beginning of the season, but he has been less than impressive IMO

Goff’s only real problem has been ball protection.
I’m not going to knock him for the interceptions, and at least one of the fumbles was on Frank.

Don’t worry it will be 28-32. :slight_smile:

Same - and yes to all of this. One badass pass rusher changes everything. One badass WR changes a lot. We’ll have both, next offseason.
Add to that the starters on OL, remembering that the badasses we bring in will replace the absolute crud of the roster too. More than just filling holes.

Also - don’t forget about FOX!!!

Next year should provide us with a pretty accurate portrayal of if Goff needs to be replaced or not. I think he can do it. I think it’s his mentality that needs to be worked on more than any sort of learning curve, knowledge of the playbook, or problems due to lack of talent. I hope that’s being addressed already.

Maybe. A couple of weeks ago Klay Thompson said he is about 80%, that was about 11 months after his achilles injury.

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Sorry I can’t just Eric Idle this year away

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Perhaps they could all rehab at Stryker’s compound in the Canadian Rockies.

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Not how I would spend the picks but the fact that we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds has me pretty excited. I wish we had held onto those picks we gave away for Benson because I feel like we could have moved up from the 4th with them and got an additional 3rd rounder but what’s done is done.

If we can’t trade down for a bundle of picks in the 1st than we need to come away with Kayvon Thibodeaux, Adam Anderson or Kyle Hamilton IMO. I really like the idea of Hamilton paired with Walker with Walker being our box safety. I feel like Hamilton is a better talent than Anderson but Anderson plays a premium position as a pass rusher.

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Adam Anderson is a guy I like most for this team he’s a TJ Watt , Von Miller type pass rusher very special. If we’re gonna run this 3-4 defense. I want this guy.

I would like something like this

1a DE/OLB Adam Anderson
1b WR Treylon Burks
2. LB Brandon Smith
3. S Jalen Catalon
4. TE Charlie Kolar

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