Marvin Jones' son passed away

Absolutely awful news. Prayers up for him and his family.

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So sad.

Terrible news!

Terrible news. Looking for particulars. Will link if I find them. Here is the tweet from Marvin.

Wow! That’s just horrible news.
Prayers for the Jones family.

Wow, I can’t imagine the grief! Prayers to the family, glad to see they are believers.

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No cause yet?!? That’s even worse, if the child was healthy.

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What awful news. RIH little one.

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Crib death possibility awaits was on my mind when my granddaughter would go to sleep … had to check constantly to ensure she was still breathing!

Prayers to all effected :pray:


Absolutely heartbreaking. To lose a child, dear god. Prayers for the family.

Truly heartbreaking news. Thoughts and prayers to the entire Jones family.

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Absolutely jarring news. RIH little one.

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Sending love to the Jones family. Has to be impossibly difficult to deal with a loss like that.

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Don’t have the words, but my prayers are with him.

I can’t imagine the grief they’re experiencing… I’d be a wreck, so sad

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I’ve been in this mans shoes. Not once but twice. You can not fathom the grief. It is not the same as losing a parent, grandparent, niece, cousin or sibling. As I’ve lost them all and nothing hits you like the loss of a child. I hate it when people say. “I know how you feel!” … no you don’t! Even people who have lost a child don’t know or can’t comprehend because each child loss is different. Some much harder than others to cope with.

We lost a daughter due to illness as an infant. MJ’s loss may have been Sids or it may have been an illness but losing a baby is tough. Especially when it’s unexpected. The only thing harder for me was losing losing my only son on Christmas Day in a car/deer accident.

This is one club no one wants to be a part of. I feel for MJ… This stirs many bad memories. I wish that no parent had to ever bury a child. My heart goes out to him and his family. They will have many struggles as they learn to cope with the loss. I hope they get the help they need and that they can lean on each other. It’s a terible thing to lose a child.


Just awful! :cry:

I don’t know how you get past that Air. My prayers to you and yours. I am not sure I would have survived that myself. They thought my middle boy had brain cancer at 3 months old. It took 4 months of tests to determine he didn’t have brain cancer but still A “corrective” brain surgery was necessary. Longest 4 months of my life. I slept on the floor of his room I think for the entire four months. Felt completely helpless and asked to trade places with him every single day.


I can’t imagine the pain he and his family are going through. That Instagram picture and post really tugs on the heart strings.

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I get the impression their son has had health issues since birth. But as you’ve said, it doesn’t change the utter brokenness a parent will feel when their child is lost. Prayers for you both tonight, Air.

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