Matt Patricia interviews for Broncos DC Job

Do it Sean. You know you want to.

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I think its funny that Belichick only used Patricia for the period of time where the Lions were footing the bill. Its like using the escort for the last time remaining on the bill someone else paid, then throwing her out when the paid time was out.


Payton - Well Matt what makes a good linebacker in your mind!?

Patricia - I start by drafting them way too soon, usually 3 or 4 rounds before where most people expect, that way I don’t miss out on linebackers I really want. Then I ask them to gain 30 pounds or so. Once they get up to about 265-270 pounds, I really like to have them cover RB’s 1 on 1 out of the backfield.

Payton - Any other ideas we should consider?

Patricia - Oh almost forget, when I can’t draft them or develop them, I always sign former Patriot players, they know my system, adore me as a coach and really you can’t go wrong despite the massive price they often command.

Payton - Well thanks for coming in! Take one of these complimentary peanut butter cups for the road. We’ll be in touch if anything comes up.


The difference is at least with the escort you get laid, with bringing in Patricia to run his offense, BB ■■■■■■ himself.


Patricia definitely suck balls and left our entire organization fukd.


The fact that Payton would even interview him surprises me. He destroyed the Lions. An absolute embarrassing defense he lead in Detroit despite spending a shit ton of money on players, his players mostly hated him, traded away good players he didn’t get along with, then his mentor and hero fired him in NE. I really don’t get it. Anyone would be better, literally anyone. Gronk straight up threatened to retire instead of playing for him.


Sean Payton is a really long time NFL coach with connections all over. He also respects those connections. He is off of the Parcells tree and so is Belichick. Part of me thinks that Payton might just be doing a friend a solid (Bill) to do something that is geared toward drumming up interest in Matt Patricia. I don’t think Bill hates Matt the way we do. But clearly he doesn’t respect his football acumen when it doesn’t come cheap. 15+ years working with someone and watching them grow a family and sacrifice time for the common goal grows empathy.

It also makes me wonder how many interviews Rex Ryan has been involved with in the last few years. That one also might have been doing a solid for a friend who wants to get back into coaching.


It’s crazy that he can make a case after Detroit

Though lions players said he was smart

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He’s not interviewing to be a HC. He’s been a decent coordinator in his career.

MP is a very good X and O type. He just sucks in people and management skills. I could see someone like Peyton kicking the tires to see if it’s someone he could work with.

Vance Joseph is a far more surprising candidate.

  1. He’s already under contract with ARZ as their DC.
  2. He was HC before in Denver.

That one doesn’t make any sense.

Payton - ok, Matt, we need to wrap this up.
Patricia - but wait - you also should know about what the DLine needs to do. They just need to hold their ground. Don’t worry about rushing the passer, we’ll keep 8 guys back there.

Payton - OK, Matt, that’s enough - I really have to vacuum my rug now.


Eh, that’s generous but ok… his defenses gave up a lot of yards last years in NE, though maybe these stats don’t totally show it… also wonder how much belichick was helping him

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Just to be clear, he’s never ACTUALLY been the full coordinator to prove himself. Just like Eric Bienemy. So this could be a good chance for him to prove that he is more than a good puppet. His old boss doesn’t seem to think so.


Before you vacuum the rug, I also highly recommend trading away your 2 best players in the secondary for peanuts, in my experience it works wonderfully. Then sign injury prone old dudes to big contracts. Trufant would sign here in a heartbeat if you hire me to run the defense!

Also, I’m really good at vacuuming I could do that for you, I did that for Bill all the time in New England.

Yeah, that to me is very messed up and makes me hate the patriots and Belichick even more. He basically worked for free for them. Well that may not be true but I’m sure they weren’t paying him OC money either last year

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Joseph is a shoo-in.

No comment. Nothing more to add other than this is my post in this thread.


He’s wicked smaht!

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Saying he was decent as a coordinator is being generous? I think some of you are over factoring in the Detroit Lions tenure. I get it because we all lived it, but I don’t think it’s crazy that Payton is giving him a look to run his defense.

I agree, it’s not crazy he’s getting a look.

What’s crazy is he’s getting a look when he obviously has some sort of toxic personality issues. He apparently has some good relationships with players yet managed to completely piss off an entire team, where nobody followed him or believed in him… then got herded back like the lost child to work for the patriots (for free) to only become an OC apparently they all hated too. The difference between the stints is Belichick was helping him the first time on defense but apparently just let him do whatever on offense and essentially hang himself, conveniently when the lions money ran out.

So yeah, he can be a super smart person. Doesn’t mean he’s good at his job or has even proven to be any good at his job, at any job, at all. There are plenty more people way more worthy of an interview than him. But he’s in the network… so I guess he’s got that going for him which is nice