Matt’s cont. to rewrite record book!

As of today, Matt has broken 39,000 yards - has 39,157 and needs 1083 to break into the top 20 all time by passing Jonny U.! He had 5 TDS to 2 into sofas as well!

He now has 242 TDs and is tied at 25th all time with YA Tittle! If he average 2 TDs a game, by the end of game 10, he will have passed Fouts, Bledsoe, Boomer and Sony Jergouson at 20th all time

Where would he be if he wasn’t out for his first two season?’


Get ready for the “no playoff wins” replies :blush:

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I think Staff is the type of guy who will play into his 40’s…Lot’s of time to win a Super Bowl. I’m just not sure it will be with Detroit unfortunately. He’ll definitely have top 3 numbers in all the key passing stats once he retires.

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It’s not an individual sport?


I get that but the haters don’t!

I’m good with Stafford…


That is going to be a tough task.
He will have to play at a high level for at least another 10-12 years to even have a shot at top 3 in key passing stats. He is 300 TDs behind P. Manning and if Brady and Brees play out the season, they will both pass Manning this year. I know with the increased passing in the day’s game, 30 TDs isn’t as impressive as it used to be, but Stafford has only done it 2x in his career and not since 2015. Stafford is 31 right now. He would need to average 30 TDs a year until he is 41 to catch Manning in TDs. That isn’t a small task at all. Just for reference, Brady has hit 30 TDs 7 times in 17 years just to show you how difficult it can be.
He has a lot better chance of catching Manning in yards than TDs. He’s 33,000 behind Manning. Brady will pass Manning this season.
And this assumes that he will be healthy too. He has played every game since 2011, which is quite a feat in itself, but it’s tough to stay healthy. And once a guy gets in his 30s, after a lifetime of abuse, it gets harder and harder to stay healthy and play at a high level. Brady and Brees are the exception to the rules. Most QBs really hit a huge downturn at 35.

After watching NFL football, it really is amazing that guys can play for 10 years as it is.

I’m just impressed he keeps going considering the teams he’s been surrounded with…

I mean I’ll have to look but he has 500 plus yards already this yr in just two game under a totally new scheme and rookie TE

When we think last time he opened up with plus 500 yrs and 5 TDs

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He’ll be in the top 10 within 3-4 seasons. Passing yards, the same. I like his chances to be top 5. I could see him playing until he’s 42. That after missing a great deal of his first 2 seasons in the league.

Top 10— all time---- in 3-4 years… Not bad for a scrub that the haters like to put down.

Warrenmoom is 10th at 49,xxx.

Matt’s just passed 39,xxx today.

He could be tenth by the end of 2022!

2.8 yrs to go baby!

He definitely came into the league at the right time as far as the game turning into a complete passing league.
He also came into the league at the right time for the rules to protect QBs and make playing DB that much more difficult.
The three questions are if he can stay healthy, can he continue to play at a decent level, and how long Ryan, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Manning, and Rivers continue to play and at what level.
I can definitely see Rodgers playing as long as he can. Salaries could come into play too. Teams might not want to pay an aging QB the kind of money that Stafford would probably want. After making 30 million a year or whatever he will be making on his next contract, would he be willing to take a pay cut? If he isn’t playing like a top QB, is a team going to give a big contract to a 37 or 38 year old QB when they can go get a young guy for a fraction of the cost? It’s a little more complicated than it seems.

It’s pretty amazing that Unitas did what he did back in the day when throwing for 2,000 yards was quite a feat.

Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are going to pass Moon and Elway before Stafford does. Stafford will be at #11 for a while because Roethlisberger and Rivers are definitely going to pass Marino. If Eli plays somewhere else after this year, he will pass Marino too. Marino would be #8 at that time and #9 and #10 would be Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. He isn’t going to catch either one of those guys unless they are injured or retired, so it’s quite probable that he won’t be #10 until if/when he passes Marino at 61,000 yards. He’s 22,000 yards behind Marino. That’s probably 5 years from now.

Yeah - the old schoolers could ball!!

Nice catch! I’m aware and watching them but true … I can see Eli, Matt and Ben possibly retiring in the next two yrs.

Plus production even can play a game for the tenth spot. Flacco is right behind Matt by only a few yards…

If Matt gets back to averaging 4000 plus and a few actives drop and stay below 3500… he hypothetically could catch one maybe in the next five yrs.

Good eye though brother!

Sucks seeing brees out with an injury… I wanted him to get to 75 before Tom did… we will see

Another milestone for Stafford. Top 10 in 4th quarter comebacks with another decade (or more) to go in his career. He’s in good company with Brett Favre.

I tip my hat

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Good Job Stafford !!! Congrats !

awesome stuff …

I now want to be able t sit him in the 4th as we have a 31 point lead every game!!

Well, then why not give all those “records” to the team instead of just Stafford?

Not this year he won’t.

then we do that for every QB.

Fine by me. I mean, if people are going to cry about supporting cast, then they also have to credit the supporting cast.