Matt will hit #20 all time passing this yr

Assuming no injuries, Matt started this season with 38526 yards: got 378 yesterday for 38904…

Needs 1336 to go from 21 to 20… go move up as high as 17th!

Also with his 3 TDs he passed Jim Kelly for the 26th spot… could go top 20 here as well!

Hope and prayers for a healthy, winning and stat feast for him this season!


I thought he played well yesterday although i would need to look more closely at Q4
Which I won’t cuz I immediately deleted the game off the dvr
He was nicely intense as well
Well into the game, his QB rating was north of 130
I’m expecting the team to build on that game

Have we heard anything yet about the unfortunate Bevell time out?

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Just Patricia stating that the “situation” dictates a TO to keep it 3rd & 5 instead of it becoming 3rd & 10.

There’s obviously an established time and point when the OC is supposed to intervene. They hit that point. (Time=seconds remaining, Point=where the team is in the set)

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Interesting that Stafford was saying “trust me”
No idea if he got the ball out in time


He did get the snap in time. Our rookie OC needed to keep his stupid mouth shut and trust our 11 year veteran QB to snap the ball before the play clock expired. Stafford had every right to be pissed off.

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If this happened, I did not watch the game… Bevel not coaching for a yr showed up imho and the added fact this was his first live game with Matt…

If I were a betting man, that will not happen again…


Exactly what I’ve been thinking

Looking at all the all time passing leaders list, what’s interesting is that Matt Ryan has more passing yards than Aaron Rodgers eventhough they were starters in the league the same year.

And a lone 2 players, who will both be off the top 20 list sooner than later, remain in the top 20 from the days of 14 game seasons, Unitas (#20) and Tarkenton (#11).

yep - I am tracking Joe flacco , and matt ryan to see if Matt gains on the this yr…

Assuming he is with this team/playing the rest of this season.
This team has made Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson quit.

Provided Decker doesn’t get him killed first.

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Matt isn’t even close to being in the top 50 for QB wins.
He is 8th among active players. It’s a different league than it used to be. Yards thrown is a terrible way to measure a QB. Except for Collins, Testaverde, and Palmer, all those guys ahead of him have winning records and most of them way above .500. Hollow yards is just a stat and that’s it.

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Oh, dam… i thought winning was a team concept… I’m so hollow…

Matt is the f-ing bomb - period.

You have fun with your stat and I’ll have fun with mine… well Matt’s that is!!

Yea, because QBs have very little impact on winning a game. Give me a break.

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Speaking strictly of yesterday’s game, coaching lost that game. Everyone not named Decker did enough to win.

He’s already #20, in career pass attempts…

Unitas did it in a lot fewer pass attempts. And WRs could get abused like hell back in the day. And not too many domes, either. Not sure it’s fair to Unitas to make a comparison.

Not that I give a sh-t about Unitas, but…

no one is comparing, I was just stating a fact that he is #20 all time passing yards list

Inherent in the list of top passing yards is “comparison”.

Not saying anyone here is doing it, just that it’s apples/oranges.

Definitely Hall Of Fame type numbers if he plays another 10 years.

It’s a bloody shame he hasn’t had a competent organization to support him. Fucking criminal.

I almost hope he gets a Super Bowl somewhere else like Verlander did winning a World Series with Houston. Trade him to New England and I’m a Patriots fan.