Mel Kiper on “The Trade Up”

Kiper is an asshat. Can’t wait until he takes his pumpkin pie and retires.


Kiper has been doing what he does for 30 years or more… if he was any good at actual evaluation he would’ve been hired by a team by now.

But I heard rob zombie is remaking a Munsters movie… so maybe he’s got that going for him.


I am hoping Jameson is a game changer for us.

But if he isn’t, due to the injury or attitude or any other reason then he is correct.

We gave up two picks that should be expected to be Day 1 starters for 1 guy. That guy better perform


Houston as well as Rodriguez have a chance. Those are depth guys but have potential to make an impact somewhere.

I think we got 4 game changers or influencers in hutch, paschal, Joseph (I would love to see some INTs from a safety) and above all Williams.

You can have a roster with good players… but you gotta have your game changers that can win a game on one play. Williams is definitely that.


So giving up 32 and 34 cost us two starters, but gaining 12 and 46 didn’t net any?

Mel has lost it.



32 turned into 12
34 turned into 46

The only real pick lost is 66, and moving up 20 spots in the first round is clearly worth a 3rd rounder.

It’s ridiculous to say we gave up 32 and 34…and 66 and not add the real context to the whole situation.

46 should be an expected starter just like 34. It’s just 12 picks later.


The guys who do it for a living like Mel just wanted it that bad. They worked their asses off to be in that position. They aren’t different than a lot of people on this board.

Pay Someone on this board to do Mel’s job and they will be equally as good if not better. He, along with the rest of the mock “gurus,” are nothing special at all.

Pretty sure Mel got 1 player right in his final mock draft. And that’s with zero trades lol. That’s pathetic. Hell I got 5 correct players to correct teams and I had six, round 1 trades. If you are truly digging into each franchise’s for needs/BPA and that’s your job, you should get at least 5 correct. Especially without trades.

Here’s my round 1 just for kicks. I do a 3 round mock every year as if I were making the decisions for each team and each pick. It takes me a long time :joy:


everybody lost they damn minds when we got that kid ! Kiper later “questions that he came here?” I stopped watching Mel many moons ago, every time I hear about him it’s just weird anymore…what he says.


Isn’t it kinda obvious if Williams doesn’t work out the trade was a failure?
Risk vs reward plain and simple. By Brad and Dan’s reactions, they have to believe his recovery is going to be all the way. The reward way outweighs the risk.
Any pick at 32 or 34 might bust too.


Hey, Mel. We get Jamo for 5 seasons,.minimum.
Our window doesnt start next year, the year he will miss maybe half the season.

We probably dont have a shot at a WR like him next year at our slot, and/or may have to move up to get a QB.

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The trade was laughably lite and the Vikings accepted. Even if he does end up a bust, it’s a move I will never hold over this regime. After seeing compensation, it was an absolute no brainer. And for someone in Mel’s position not to recognize that, shows just how little effort he puts in his job.


To be fair, i’m pretty certain he has been offered scouting positions before but turned it down. Pretty sure he makes more from ESPN than any pro scout does.

As for his opinion on the trade… Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyways?


I’m not a lions apologist, but this. This right here. There’s really not much grounds to criticize them on this move. The FO structured the trade in a way that minimized how much the team was “mortgaging.”


Exactly. They “mortgaged” an almost certain role player for a potential star. I don’t even see risk at all in the move even if he is a complete bust. Which I am pretty certain he won’t be. Unless he’s so immature and can’t get over being drafted by the Lions (which is highly unlikely scenario imo).


It’s like Mel wants to criticize the concept of trading up without factoring in what they actually gave up. Which I’ve seen a fair amount of


for the record, I have never believed in any FO, I have hoped, and been let down. This staff feels very different, refreshing, even better-than. I have far more faith in them, I dare call them Good Holmes and Campbell. I can’t even complain about our draft because I feel like we have improved and I have high hopes for 2023.


My mailman knows more than he does.


This is how I have always felt also and feel about this current regime. I don’t think I could have worded it better.

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I just found this. I never heard of his YouTube handle (JEMlive) but I am sure some of you have.

Just thought I would share.