Keep it here ~

You need to shovel snow more often
You on point today!


Sucks because this should be a great game but I’m not paying for peacock just to watch it.


Columbo it is!

If it wasn’t for having money on KC, I’d root like hell for Miami. The whole thing between Taylor Swift, Kelce’s mom and the inability for announcers to break suction off Mahomes…….yeah, had enough of that.

Ho Lee Sh!t

Apparently this is real. At least I think it is.


The refrigerator is a cold drink oven :joy:

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Prelims are over. Time for main event.

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Looking forward to Taylor Swift writing songs about no longer having a tight end after her and Kelce break up

Beavis And Butthead 90S Tv GIF

No wonder she’s so rich. Based off of my experiences I assume that’s a very large market.

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Curious married the one that didn’t listen to Taylor Swift …


Me: “can I get you some corn on the cob or something?”

Lol, @Nate has his finger on the eject button before the game even starts :grimacing:

For the record, side note

Corn on the cob might be the most underrated food out there

Are you boys trying to find out if you can get a game thread locked before the game even begins? :rofl:

Can’t blame @stephenboyd57 this time

The mini cobs are an all-time favorite.

I was always weary of the girls that were too good at it. If Malcom Gladwell is right about that 10,000 hours to expertise thing then …

The Mexican street corn style preparation in particular