Michigan Panthers unis

are ugly as hell. I love the cat on the helmet thing but the color scheme and stripes and…ugh. Every other uni in that league is better.

Should have kept that Silverdome! That’s why I never throw anything away. Just ask the wife.


Their not off to a good start. I was really hoping to have a team worth rooting for in this state.

They look like Florida State unis that they threw a little blue in the mix.

First overall pick, they should take Aaron Donald.

Why add a powder blue? Just trying to make sure we look soft?

Who is responsible for this pansy-ass, ugly thing?

Didn’t see the uni’s posted, so I did the heavy lifting…



Wow. The helmet doesn’t match the pants color. It’s like the person was colorblind or something. I’m all for modern but this is motley, motley crue.


I hate 'em too. I won’t spend the time watching 'em. I spend too much time on football already. I weeded out cagefighting this year (maybe saw 2 UFCs this year). I’m cutting back on my sports intake, every year. Sure do love the Lions though.

Dang, you know, you’re right.

Someone told me yesterday that ALL USFL games would be held in one stadium down south.
Don’t worry about the uniform. They’ll only need them for a couple games.
Stupid timing for a new league, and a horrible business plan! They aren’t long for this world.
The USFL appears to be what people with too much money do with it instead of taking care of their current employees.

I think it’s for people who want to re-establish a developmental league for the NFL where we don’t have to listen to the annoyingly constant whistle blowing from the fans of NFL Europe…

There is all of the home jerseys. Don’t think the Michigan home jersey is that bad.


The uniforms are nearly identical to the original USFL Panthers uniforms, including the blue stripe. They just went with their history.


agreed, they just don’t look ‘good’ imo, I didn’t like the originals either. Just about every other uni looks better than these. I’d almost trade out the …gold? for a dark pewter or something.

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Left to right

  1. Skipped leg day since 9th grade
  2. Why is there a peacock on his shoulder?
  3. TitanBear? ManBearTitan?
  4. Boise St.
  5. Likey.
  6. 49er trademark lawsuit incoming.
  7. Which Power Ranger is that?
  8. Meh.

You can’t spell legendary without leg day.

Good work. I’m seeing Chiefs with the last one.
Power Ranger is perfect for #7.

What team is #2, the Scrubbing Bubbles?


Ahhhhaahah, that’s great!

Maybe their pregame entrance can be out of a giant can nozzle set over the tunnel.

Dress code is pornstache required

animation 80s GIF

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Gardner Minshew, QB1.