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If we don’t resign D.J. Chark should we consider Q. Johnston at 6?

I feel like there is a scenario in which he’s by far the best player available at a high value position. His profile is also exceedingly rare.

I feel like I’m going to get killed for suggesting it but I do believe it should warrant consideration if we lose D.J.


I’m ok with it’s a hard pick right in that area. If I can consider B.Robinson then why not a WR if he is that talented witch I’m hearing he is.

I kinda thinking he surprises everyone and takes another Olineman they seem to be the value right in that area. I’m not excited about that. I would rather have the RB or WR.


All offense draft?

Q Johnston
B Robinson
D Washington
john michael schmitz

The den would melt down lol

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I’ve seen different places flirting with Johnston, Smith-Njigba, and Addison around that ten spot, so maybe not unthinkable that one of them sneaks up in there.

If the Feldman Freak Lists numbers hold up he will go very high. 6’4"" 215lbs. 4.4 forty and a 42 inch vert. If that bears itself out than I think he’s going top ten for sure.

I’d prefer Murphy over Johnston but otherwise I’m struggling to come up with great options.

Have you seen any tape of a WR from FSU named Johnny Wilson?

6’ 7" 235# 4.4 - 40 transfer from ASU.

Regarded as one of the best blocking WR in the draft. I watched the highlight video and he didn’t strike me as having 4.4 speed, but was still fast, fluid, good change of direction and definitely likes to block. Poor man’s version of Johnson projected to go in the 6th - 7th. Tape looked good

Johnny Wilson Draft Profile

Johnny Wilson Draft Network

Johnny Wilson. Draft Scout

Highlight Video

Just watched and there’s a lot to like. Huge radius. Tough to tackle. Body control. Fast enough, but not gonna outrun the DBs. Would be a great compliment to what we’ve got.

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Wilson is returning to school this year. Won’t be in the draft until 2024.

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Hadn’t seen that, bummer! Looked like a perfect compliment to what is already in place and a #5 WR with potential to move up.


WR 6OA??


Wilson looks to have some skills but I think BradDan are looking for WRs who get good separation. It makes for easier throws / catches with less chance of tipped balls and TOs. ASB and Jamo are exceptional at getting separation and so is Kalif. I don’t want to see anymore Golladays playing inside a phone booth with a DB humping his leg.

“It’s best to just let him finish, Clark” - Cousin Eddie


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It’s not a bad thought at all….and worth the consideration. We don’t have a true X wr.

If WR is BPA, might be trade down opportunity
Will interesting to see consensus prior to draft

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I’ll bet you’ll be excited about a Super Bowl win because we got who we needed instead a flash depth guy.
Any RB or WR is going to share time with our considerable stables.

Trading down is by far my preferred option.

Combine will also help with evaluating WRs a bit

but yeah, we are in a solid trade down spot, unless Brad has someone he really likes at that spot.

Yep, if BPA is not the preferred option, trade down
Winning the trade doesn’t have to be a steal
Just get the guy you want and something extra


So you think a nother top 10 Olinemen pick is needed for us to win a Superbowl .

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