Minshew to the Raiders

Fields, get ready to lean Canadian buddy

I like it.

Taylor Heinicke where?

I have no idea where Fields is ending up. Seattle?

at this point maybe?

they might only get a 7th for him at this rate

NYG would be a great place for Fields

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Yeah, not bad, but they’re in a good spot to get one of the QBs this year too. Seattle probably isn’t, not in that top tier at least.


Giants better draft alpha WR at 6
And get fields

Sure if they don’t love one of the QBs.

But if you were their GM, would you take one of the WRs over McCarthy?

Yes nobody in the top 28 should draft JJ



Surely they’re going QB in the draft.


I don’t think they’re going to get a kings ransom for fields. Maybe a 3rd? With less people vying for him I could see even a 4th. They have to unload him if they’re set on Caleb.

Agreed, I think it might get even lower than that. Not a lot of starting spots open (that aren’t attached to rookies like Washington or New England). Minnesota maybe, but pretty sure Chicago won’t trade him in division. To me his best bet is to go somewhere like Seattle or LA Rams, where there’s a starter in place but he could push them/sub in for injuries.

Queens going to be team with no starting qb when music ends.

Just accept it and let it go man lol

IDK bro that’s what you all told me to do about Teddy Gloves being the #2 last year…

JJ has a better chance to go top 10 then out of first 28.

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