Monarrez says the Lions should move on from Swift

Yup - agreed. He has value. He’s not as tough as I’d like for him to be. I still want to upgrade. J-Will gives us a bit of a weird RB room, IMO. Good short yardage guy, but a one trick pony that can’t make 'em pay. He’s worth keeping around for many reasons. I would still like ot have 2 guys that can make you pay as a 2 headed monster…so effectively, I guess I’d like to have a 3 headed monster.

I agree w/this. I DO think Swift is back next year, barring a nice trade. I wouldn’t give him away though.

He showed he CAN be tough early on, but it is not his nature & they were working with him on it the entire preseason. Because of the success he had early, I think he’s either hurt or injured. It’s possible that he’s even being coached to “not get too aggressive” with a particular shoulder, or something like that.

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Nothing crazy, but good enough

So does Swaggy now.

Cost us a game. Only one. Career.

SOL is For Real.