More pumped than ever

Everyone said Kansas City was going to kick our ass

Now we got two weeks to prepare and go beat Green Bay


Lol. Lions are half game ahead of teams like the Giants and Raiders. “More pumped than ever” after watching this team give a game away and fold like usual. Amazing.

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I agree Jaded. We just gave a championship caliber team all they could want.

We are better than I have given them credit for.

2-1-1 in the first quarter. We’re looking better as the season goes.

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The team that played today would kill the Packers. Iggy just doesn’t understand situational opponents.


IMO the Lions just told the NFL that they are not going to roll over for anyone. They also showed that they can hang with the best of them. That was a game of some bad calls by the refs and some missed calls. There were some great plays, and some I am sure someone wants back. In the end it is football and the Lions have shown they are going to fight until the bitter end and you had better be ready to hang with them.


yeah and KC was gifted opportunities the entire game to beat us by { 4 } damn points Iggy.

I mean yeah we had some ugly plays , but we deserved to win. after at least 3 facemask calls went ignored, and a TD called back (Calvin Johnson-style) , 5 guys piled on one of their players…but “nope…he’s not down !” "no down by contact call there OR on KC’s last TD drive where their ball carrier had his knee down before entering the endzone, but hey “that’s a TD”


Yes they will.


I can’t ever be pumped, happy or satisfied after a loss. It’s great that we hung with one of the best teams in the league, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. Time to heal up and hopefully we can take out GB and then Minny. We do that and we’re headed towards the playoffs.

I’m not happy but I’m pumped about what this team showed. They went to the mat with one of the two best teams in the NFL.Time to move on , rest up and go get that W in Green Bay


The Bucs up 21-0 against Rams in LA. They are showing everyone they are for real!! They won’t roll over for anyone!! Playoffs!!

Agree on all counts.

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You mean the team that has already lost two games? You mean the game that is still in the 1st half? Big picture, Iggy.

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Yeah what is Tampa Bay’s record gonna be if they win today. If.

We are a half game out in probably the toughest division in football

2-1-1 After four games. I’ll take it

Please all, don’t get “iggy’d”.


Ahh I jus started a thread of the same thing . I am usually hard on the team but I was proud of their effort


Agreed, @JadedLionsFan. Can’t remember the last time I felt this good after a Lions loss.

Officiating still pisses me off tho …


“This” team is 2-1-1, not seeing the “as usual”. With your high intellect, you of all people should know each team is different. BTW, MP had a solid scheme today don’t you think?

I blocked you on 247. Wish I could block you again.

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Agreed. 2-1-1 is a very nice start given the schedule and there should be reason for optimism. Folding like always against the Chiefs shouldn’t provide that optimism though.

Really bad that so many are celebrating a loss… but last week we also had beauty threads looking for “positives DESPITE an ugly win”.