My hot take:

The Chiefs do not win another ring with Mahomes.

And even if they do, it won’t be for a while.

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Because we’re in the way?


Andy Reid retires to pursue his one true dream: being a Mall Santa Clause.


We woulda coulda shoulda beat da Chiefs in that SB we just watched. The niners are ch/jokers. Hopefully this motivates all the players for next year.

Mahomes himself is the problem. You can beat him but you better put him all the way down like TB and Cincy did.


I think we are wired the right way for Mahomes. Both in that we don’t back down but also that we’re kill shot hunters. I think that’s the right approach with a QB of that caliber.


I think that will work sometimes, but if you consistently look for the kill shots, he’ll be the one killing you. So it’s about timing thing’s correctly, and that’s the tricky part.

Because I doubt their ability to keep replacing the top guys they’re going to have to lose.

They clearly didn’t replace Tyreek Hill. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s obviously not mattered that much, but WR is not a position of strength for them.

They’re about to lose Chris Jones. Who knows if they’ll be able to replace him, but that’s a tough task.

How much longer does Kelce play at a high level?

How much longer does Reid coach?


I don’t necessarily mean by blitzing him. I was more so talking about our aggressive game management decisions.

As long as they have Mahomes I’d say they’re favored every year, no matter who’s around him. All they did after moving on from Hill was win two straight Super Bowls.


Purdy played scared in the 2nd half. That just feeds a guy like Mahomes. I think the 49ers had them in the first half. Sounds eerily familiar.

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The botched punt was game changing

And shanny throwing the ball 20 times in a row the 2nd half


Certainly helpful. I thought if Dan could make the decisions for the game SF just played they probably would have won. Also hope his WRs drop a bunch of passes lol.

The Chiefs didn’t seem to have a lot of trouble with McCaffery. I think those short passes over the middle, not against the Chiefs great corners, is what they should have kept doing.

He did have 160 scrimmage yards :man_shrugging:

I was referring to the running game. 3.6 ypc, Chiefs will take that all day long.

That is a hot take. If Mahomes is your qb, you are always in the game. ALWAYS. He now has 3 rings. He has cache. Someone posted that they thought he had slipped from what he once was, far from it, he is better today then he was earlier…whats missing is the style of earlier years. But this team has more substance, more depth and more talent. Andy Reid is an NFL lifer. He has mong been considered one of the best but had no rings. 3 rings and 4 super bowls in 6 years? He is just now getting the rewards for his talent. And he has HIS QB. I suspect he has several years still in the tank…id be shocked barring a health turn if he retired before 70. Look I’d love Mahomes to win another one for a minute…but it wont be bc he or the team isnt good…it will be because we are winning em. F@CK THE CHIEFS DYNASTY, IM ANXIOUS TO START THE LIONS DYNASTY. :rofl::crazy_face:


Yea the 49ers are the chokers, the Lions aren’t tho? lol cmon now.

I totally agree. I know Shanahan said they didn’t consider going for it on 4th down and 4 in OT but Dan feels like the kinda coach to go for a kill shot there. If you don’t…. well…. Look what just happened. Dan has the balls to take a kill shot and miss. We just saw him do it 2 weeks ago.

He single handedly prevented that TD to Deebo by getting in Purdy’s lap. He’s such a huge game changer. You can’t even replace a guy like that. If the Lions made the uncharacteristic decision to go pay a kings ransom and get him - they’d instantly be the nfc favorite in my eyes and only slightly behind KC.

My coach always used to say “good teams play the first half to get to the 2nd half” - we’ve seen the last couple of weeks it’s not who punches first at the highest level in the nfl.

I won’t be shocked to see C Jones go back to KC.
3 SB wins and the team, with him, is built for more SB chances in the future.

Mahomes wasn’t superhuman this season. In previous years you’d be sitting with your jaw on the floor at some of the stuff he does, but that wasn’t the case this season. He’s still very good, and the best in the league, but it seems like he’s dropped a level.

Also he’s more reckless with the ball. That long completion in the first half was basically an arm punt, and the pick in the second half was just all round bad. He threw more picks this season than he ever has.

I agree with the OP, I think the Chiefs are pretty much done. Everything fell nicely for them this post season and they still made very hard work of it. I think Mahomes wins one more at the most.