My hot take:

I see it the way you see it. They have a few stars that make it all work. Without those guys its a completely different team. The GM has never drafted players as good as those guys, so it stands to reason he won’t.

You guys are nuts.

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The lions choked for sure. But that was just one horrible half of football where the errors were mostly self-inflicted. And the Lions haven’t been to an NFC championship since ever.

The niners were an absolute joke this entire playoff season. They barely got by the Packers. Then we implode and gift them a SB appearance. In both of those games they played flat as fk. This is for a team that spent all that money to align the stars after choking time and time again over the last how many years? They can’t win the big game. They don’t play with the same intensity that the Lions play with.

Even without adding any better players to the roster, if we just clean up stupid self-inflicted errors (young guns) we beat SF this year pretty easily.


Which AFC team will knock their dick in the dirt going forward. Buffalo, Miami, Cincy, Jax , A Harbaugh? Their run is for them to ■■■■ up.

A reminder that the Chiefs faced the hardest road to a SB title ever!

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Honestly I don’t see how anyone can say this. Our defense forced 0 punts in the 2nd half of the NFC Championship game and gave up 27 straight points. Our defense is just not good and it showed (its either talent or coaching but won’t get into that).

The Chiefs would have put up 30-40 points on us. It would not have been some magical Ass whooping


Let Natty have his koolaid :wink:

I mean we beat them by 1 point without Kelce and Chris Jones. We would have had a shot for sure. But it would have been a serious battle.

But coulda woulda shoulda…

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Yea I know. But it’s not just Natty, we have several posters on here stating we would have beat the shit out of KC last night. Not the case.
We had a great year and yes the defense gave that game away against the Niners.

But man our defense is not good. Last nights Chiefs team was not the team we faced week 1 and the Niners defense is head and shoulders better than our defense.

Just trying to be real about it. But looking forward to see what Holmes and DC do to improve the defense this off season. Just so many ways they can attack this, it will be interesting to see how they go about it.


How did the first half go?
Do you belive they learned from it?
Have we already beaten one of this teams?
Lost an extremely close one to the other?

In the loss…
-uncharachteristic mistakes/drops, or is that the norm?
-ball bounce off of a facemask for a 50+gain…normal shit or uncharacteristic?
-Gibby fumbling → normal shit, or uncharacteristic?
-Coverage unit fuckup → normal stuff or extenuating circumstance.
-Floating a lob across the field that gets caught by your team → normal shit or highly risky play that is often picked?
-several dropped interceptions → most likely to happen, or more uncharacteristic?

We play SF 10 times, I think we win at least 6, more likely 7

Lions would most likely have won that SB yesterday, and I can’t see how anyone can say otherwise.


I think we would have had a chance, but if I had to point to a reason we would lose, it’s because we wilted in the biggest moment. There’s such a thing as championship DNA, and right now we don’t have it. We can get it - and I expect us to - but we don’t have it yet.

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…and our team is not the team they faced week 1. Our growth gets excused, while we should be fearful of another team’s growth? ■■■■ that → we’ll be waiting on your front porch, if you’re looking for us.

being negative does not equate to being real. So weird how many ppl in our society think that way.

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Championship DNA → Yup, there absolutely is such a thing
We don’t have it? → False → we have TONS of it and it’s literally why we win. We are learning to use it better and own it more. We did wilt, as you say…and learn from it. Every single thing I’ve seen from this regime leads me to believe this.

Kelce’s star has gone to his head. Very few HC’s are going to take that shit. If he pulled that on one of the Harbaughs or Campbell, he’d have been picking his ass up off of the ground.

We have winning DNA, but not Championship DNA. We showed that when we literally gave the Championship game away. It was our chance to show it and we did the opposite.

But that’s OK, it takes time for these things to happen. Jordan had to fail before he got it. Michigan faltered twice before figuring it out. It’s not something you just have without going through some tribulations. Even Mahomes and the Chiefs barfed away their first AFCCG against the Pats by getting off to a terrible start.


Natty, wasn’t being negative at all, in fact I said we had a great season. But I’m being realistic in that the defense needs a lot of help (either talent or coaching, most likely both). That is just a fact and I believe recognized by many on here.
If you think we go into next season with the same players on defense and are OK, then you are bring naive.

I just don’t see how you can think this defense is set and OK.

Chiefs scored 20 points in regulation on the number 3 defense in the league, they would have score at 30 on us. Could we have won, absolutely, because I think we have a great offense and could have put up 35. But it sure would not have been an Ass whooping.

In all reality, our team went to the NFCCC game and should have won it. We beat ourselves in the second half…with the guys we have on our roster now.

Yep, we’ll be b better next year by filling some need, young cats developing, etc. However, we should have been in the super bowl this year. It isn’t like we suck and are in deep trouble. We will be drafting 29th for a reason…becaue we were better than 28 of 32 teams.

Nobody thinks that. Why would you? They’ve improved every year. Weird that you think that’s what I’m trying to say.

…because barely losing the NFC title game is more than ok…it’s good. Not good enough, but good.

A good chance, Yup

…or more than 35.

We outscore teams regularly. How many times did we beat teams that you had picked us to lose last year?
Then ask yourself the same question regarding my predictions. Who is being more realistic ?

I picked us to be 11-6 because of our offense. I wasn’t far off, one game.
So I think I was pretty realistic.

But we were not in the SB because of our defense, period! Chiefs and Niners had the #2 and #8 defense in yards for the reg season and the #2 and #3 scoring defense.

Our defense, #23 in scoring defense. That is not good, wasn’t good enough and won’t be good enough until Holmes and DC improve it.

The defense gave up 27 straight points and didn’t force one punt in the 2nd half.
Don’t talk to me about drops because that happens all season. The defense needed to step up and get just one stop and they couldn’t.

I’m not discrediting your opinion, and I can see where you come from. We had 8 dropped balls and most of them were drive killers…period (to quote you)
We had a fumble that was an extreme rarity …period
we had a muffed st play that would have pinned them at their own one…period

…see what I’m saying? Take away any one of those periods and we’re in the SB

yes…our defense is the weakest link, especially pass rush and cb1

Idgaf about #___ in ___ or blah blah. One fewer dropped pass and we are in the SB already…now!

He improves the team massively in every offseason - not even remotely concerned …actually more excited.

the only way a defense can give up consecutive points is if an offense fails to score. I’m sure you’re aware of that.

Don’t talk to me about 23 rank defense, because it was there all season. Translation - we almost got it done already & have reason to be excited. Our coaches approach the entire thing from a holistic approach.
Went from 3 wins, to 9, to 14
Things are looking up.

True. & the offense needed to step up & get just one touchdown…and they couldn’t for a long stretch. WRs needed to step up and do their job…and couldn’t… Gibby needed to step up and protect the ball, etc, etc, etc

Lions did well last year, better this year, and will do better next year.

I agree with this

Straight points in this context is no stops, you know what I was getting at , come on now

The offense scored 31 points, over their season avg and against the #3 defense in the league. I get people trying to pick a play here or play there, but you look at the game in an entirety and the offense actually outperformed.
The defense on the other hand did not.

You and I will just have to agree to disagree on the Why we didn’t get there this year.
But I think we both agree next year is going to be exciting.
Expectations will be high, no reason not to have another top 5 offense.
Defense should be top 15 or it will be a failure for this staff IMO