My hot take:

Your avatars are way too much alike to have the same posting style. This just looks like one crazy-long run-on post.

I began a reply earlier that I aborted rather than post.
I think they committed a couple of Free Agency mis-steps this past season that they’ll now have a chance to rectify. Yes, there are some tough decisions coming up on other players, but I see them coming back stronger on offense next year.


Me too. This was the year to beat them.


Here’s my hot take…

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I don’t believe Purdy played scared. He was pressured in the 2nd half. Many of his throws were off the back foot or with a defender either in his face or about to hit him. Very similar to Stafford for much of his career with the Lions. Maybe keeping a blocker instead of an empty backfield would have helped.

I don’t know how she stayed hot for so long. Seems like it spanned decades.

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Well that’s because Ladarius Toney and crew pulled a Josh Reynolds in that opener. They really missed a lot of opportunities.

Yeah I don’t think we can look at that first game for anything really. Two totally different teams.

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I do agree that the Chiefs would have scored more against us and quite possibly 30 but that 49ers defense had been dog shit for six weeks.

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I thought they were playing their best game in weeks for like the first 3 quarters. Eventually wore down, but a lot of people who’ve watched the all-22 are praising both defenses for playing so violently. The Chiefs offense isn’t anywhere near as good as ours so their job was easier, but they laid it all out there and it worked for awhile, until their obvious deficiencies started to catch up.

Our offensive personnel is a problem. Excluding QB more so than anyone else in the league. That’s why I find the temptation of tripling down on it so tempting.


Yeah, I said it in the draft thread but I’ll say it again, I think we should try and build the most explosive offense possible. It’s the best way to ensure year-over-year success, the shift in the rules means offense is much stickier nowadays than defense.

So I want to go from 4th in offense to 1st, then I want to go from 1st to record-breaking. I want defenses to have no idea how to defend us. I want to make life so easy for Goff he gets bored.


Amarius Mims has become my number 1 want.

I probably should get him on the draft crush list. The problem is that he scream Will McClay and the Boys have a need unless they resign Smith.

Agreed…I created a thread about 2 weeks ago saying I think we should double down on offense. Greatest show on turf 2.0 is seriously possible.

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Add him to the crush list! Need to get that thing going again.

He’s pretty high on mine as well, I just never expected him to be available for us, but it keeps happening. Well, in the draft media it does, I still don’t actually believe he’ll be available for us. But who knows, if he makes it to Dallas we might trade above them to get him. Still worthy of crushing on.

Yep, and honestly I think our FO might agree.

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And I’m not saying ignore the defense…add a couple vets in free agency on D.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if 3 of our first 4 picks were offensive players.

Me either, but it shouldn’t be hard - or cost too much - to improve upon our D from last year.

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Yep and I think we have the attention of many vets that wanna win and ring chase. Could get some decent prices on guys that can still play that wanna win that don’t kill us financially.

Should be a lot easier to attract free agents almost playing in the super bowl.

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So this got me thinking, how many of the top 10 scoring offenses in NFL history have made it to the Super Bowl and then how many actually won it.

Anyone care to guess? The answered surprised me

I’ll give you the top 10 teams with years to start