My mistake, I thought this was a football board. Yet

I am having trouble finding football topics. A shame all the shitbags from the other site found their way here, so they could ruin another site.


You can ignore/block people. It works well. I blocked iggy and jaded almost immediately. Very easy to add others.

Do you have OTT filtered out of your topics? That would help.

If you are looking at OTT God help you. People insult other Lions fan here about there opinions on football games. Reading politics from randoms on football boards is not a good use your limited time on Earth.


I was not aware you could. Until they closed 247, it wasn’t necessary.

This football related topic should be very helpful.


Someone is butthurt!


WTF are you talking about?
This is nearly as civil as it gets
And there’s as much football as ever
Especially considering the # of people here
You’re way out of line on this one


I’ve ventured to OTT a few times over the years
Senseless madness

I’m confused.

I just browsed the top 30 threads or so and there’s only one non-football thread. Guess which one.


About 10 years ago, I spent 30 secs in the OTT. That was 29 seconds to much.
I ‘m not sure what’s going on here. I’ve only discussed and read about football topics for the year plus I’ve been here.

I feel like the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme every time I go in there. I chime in to let opinions be known, but the heads that explode on either side of the argument is flat out entertaining to me.

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Yooper, what gives? Hacked account? Wrong board? April fool’s - October edition?

I’ve actually enjoyed it here since the other one closed. More posts, especially ones with links to updates, videos and fresh news on the team and league.


OTT = “Offensively Tall Tales”?!

OTT=“Over The Top” political arguments

I just check other than this post rest are football Maybe you liked it when some of us never posted here But i assure you those who came here most post football

Now do they know what they are talking about that’s for another thread:smile:

Not a complaint from me but I’m experiencing the same thing that YooperLion is saying. In other words I’m seeing as many Ott topics as I am new topics for football. I actually went in and changed the settings based on someone’s helpful tip and I’m still getting them each time I look for new unread topics post. Again not a complaint just an observation of the fact that I understand what he is saying.