Nauta over Bawden?

My early prediction is neither make the team. I’m penciling in Bryant as our 3rd TE, Allison as our 6th WR and Huntley as our 4th RB. No FB. Only 3 TEs.

The extra 2 players allowed this year look to me like they’ll be Linebackers.

That’s on paper right now anyway.

Nauta…but I thought that last year as well, so what do I know.

This is not an H-Back offense. This is an offense that uses a TRUE FB. Nauta was the backup option along with Dahl occasionally after Bawden was IR’d. But here IS who Bawden has to worry about. I love this kid and I’m sure Patricia does too. Talk about finishing, holy crap!!


I was wondering who owed me crow on that one lol. jk man.

an intriguing battle to watch

Nauta, Bawden, and Bryant, none of them are really that good. Bawden has suffered 2 serious knee injuries in his 1st 2 years in the NFL, and from what I read he ain’t that good at run-blocking. But neither is Nauta or Bryant, so the door is open for Sellers IMHO.

I can see the Lions picking up another FB guy that gets released elsewhere or moving an LB over to the Offense or an OL sub if somebody is good enough to open a hole and pass pro.

First let me state that we get to carry 55 players this year. Not 53.

I think Bawden hasn’t shown enough to keep his job if you ask me.

Nauta brings a lot to the table and if we chose not to keep a FB than it’s because of him.

I think there’s a chance we carry 4 TE’s this year too.


Bawden participated in 11% of offensive snaps last year. Not exactly a key cog to the offense.

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Keep in mind they could also roll out Stenberg as a FB like they did with Dahl a couple years ago. That and we’ll be in 11 personnel most snaps… And if you do want to go to 21, wouldn’t you rather have a pair of RBs that are a legit threat to run? Then mix in what we have in Hock and James, especially Hock’s run-blocking prowess.

Just not seeing a FB this year.

Thanks for sharing that video of Sellers, it reminds me of watching the Hockenson video from the year before.

Let’s be honest though, this might be a FB offense but how much do we really use a FB?..and is it worth keeping a true FB just for that. @BlueWolverine02 said Bawden only participated in 11% of the plays.
I thought that we could keep Nauta to play both when needed last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t do that this year…but Sellers might be an option as well. I guess it just depends on what Bevell wants and who he thinks the best players are to keep.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read this being suggested, not sure where this is coming from or why this is being suggested, Sternberg is not the athlete that Dahl is. I think Sternberg ran one of the worst 40 times at the combine, somethink like a 5.3 forty.

If that’s the case, I hope James and Hockenson do a 360 on their ability to block. Neither were good last year

Fun to watch, bro. Nice find. Bawden already knows the system, and in a shortened preseason, that might help him, but I like this guy getting a shot. This dude is wired like a football player. Bawden is a tough guy, but misses more often than I’d like.

I feel like there is possibility go carry extra OL and DL, based on what we experienced the last couple of years.

Can see why the Lions like him–he’s a finisher. That being said, with the step up to the size and speed of players in the NFL vs. the lower level of competition, it remains to be seen whether he can duplicate that blocking proficiency at this level.


One of the two new roster spots has to be an OLman. The second can be anywhere.

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How can you even enforce this? Who is to say how many OL a team was going to carry in the first place?

Not sure how they plan to enforce it. I just no that it was part of the rule. 2 extra positions with one being designated as o-line.

I thought in the 1st month of last season our DL was gassed going into the 4th qtr. Granted, some weren’t NFL-ready and somewhat out of top condition due to injuries and what-not, but I can see them going with an extra DL in September. Most likely it’ll depend on which position groups are hurtin’ for bodies, but all else being equal I’d rather have the extra DL guy to keep that unit still strong when it counts.

Yeah, here’s our extra O-lineman, he’s a bit undersized, his name is Nick Bawden.