🏀 **NCAA Basketball 2021/22**

Yes kids, it is that time of year. My favorite sport and hopefully, there are more fans this year. Granted, other sports are more in the news now, but I don’t care. So…

If goldenlions is still around, he gets a pass for not contributing until late February. All others, need not pass. Tonight starts the season with a local team and another tomorrow. The MSU/KU game tonight is a biggy and tomorrow UM tips off against Buffalo, hardly as engaging. also tonight has Top Ten ranked Gonzaga, UCLA, Texas, Purdue, Duke and Kentucky Here’s a couple of links to get your feet wet on the upcoming season. Please, fill in the blanks and all commentary is welcome, even you Mcfly. :rofl:

Preseason Top 25

B1G Preseason Prediction


20-11 for MSU.
25-5 for uofm. Cupcake non big ten schedule

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Fun first night. KU beating MSU won me a tad. Ohio St won in the final second, at home, against that powerhouse Akron. Looking forward to Duke/Kentucky next.

God, I hate Duke…

Right there with you on hating Duke! Love The UK wildcats!!!

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It’s the only thing UM/MSU fans can agree on.

After coming off the loss to Oral Roberts.

I absolutely love how ready our guys were.

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After watching a few games yesterday, there seems to be a lot of rust in the water. Meaning, favored teams are not covering. A little worried about UM tonight because Buffalo is favored to win the MAC this year.

A bit of advice for the bettor out there. The MAC is a thorn in the ass of the B1G in Nov & Dec.

Good first game from UM.
Hunter keeps going from where he left off
Houstan and Diabate showed flashes and youth.
Williams was the surprise, usual defense and rebounding but if he can score and hit the outside shot with any consistency UM will be better than I thought. Granted, a big IF.

#2 UCLA played a great game, beating #4 Villinova in OT. Tomorrow, #1 Gonzaga hosting #6 Texas. A game which was cancelled last go around because of that dreaded … shhhhh

If you tire of the LIons today, flip the channel to Fla St -1/2 @ Fla. A great in state rivalry.

Wow, tough game huh, MI is such a joke in their scheduling…grow some balls…

Bugman I agree with you. Did you see thier non BIG schedule. I about shit my self.

MI always schedules like this in both sports (fball, bball)…nuff said…

Does it really matter?

The B1G league play is where it starts and that’s less than a month away. This is basically building a resume for that time. Most teams schedule tackling dummies and sprinkle in 2 - 3 marquee games for good TV.

They have a pretty good team, but they need to schedule much better in basketball. North Carolina isn’t anything.

Most excellent job of cherry picking my post. :call_me_hand:

I am going to be fine with Michigan racking up W’s during the non conference schedule, when who you play doesn’t matter for shit. You think a college team in November is the same as they are in February? Please.

But congrats to Sparty for scheduling Kansas and getting those character building “L’s”.


Tons of teams in the top 10 are playing against each other. Michigan has a very talented team and I want to see them play some one before the BIG STARTS. i have uofm in the final four btw.

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Yeah, NC is down lately, as is UNLV and Seton Hall. But these teams were much better when scheduled. You can’t predict the future.

That’s true, but i think you guys are better then what you schedule. MSU got f for having a harder non schedule years ago and winning the big ten and the championship and got a number two seed. I also wouldn’t call Seton hall and unlv good programs.