New news on TJ injury


Wow that’s really good news! Thank you for the update!

This is great news

Yeah, sure glad to hear this.
What is the concussion protocol?
He could be good to go by GB game if there is no residual effects? or no?

Well that’s good news but I wasn’t expecting IR in the first place. I am more worried after reading that tweet since I figured he’d be back in a few weeks anyways. Now who knows if it’ll linger 3, 4, or 5 weeks?


Concussions are dicey. You have some that can end a career like Jahvid Best. He had multiple concussions but the major one was in college which ended his last season. For that reason I was against drafting him. Mayhew gambled and lost.

Sidney Crosby had a really bad one but he has returned without an issue or setback.

Boxers and MMA fighters get knocked out all the time and return to fight again. You can never tell with brain injuries.

This is great news!

He’ll be out 4-6 weeks imo. The fact that they even considered for IR says a lot about the severity.

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This is the first reported concussion of his career I believe. He got knocked out cold, but it wasn’t a violent blow to the head IMO. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play against GB.

He’ll be in the lineup against Green Bay…book it!!

There is no evidence at all that they considered him for IR.

Just because they let the public know he won’t be going on IR doesn’t automatically mean THEY were considering it

Did they? I don’t know that they did or didn’t but you can’t assume they did just because they let people know it wasn’t bad enough to put him on IR

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Actually, IMHO the report does not say the Lions considered him for the IR, all it really says is that they didn’t do that. I imagine it’ll take a few days to monitor him and see how it goes. Which still tells us nothing, he might play in Green Bay or he might take longer to recover. These things are dicey, some guys are out for a couple of weeks while others take a lot longer. I will say that if he was out cold then that’s kind of foreboding.

What I’m more interested in is Daniels’ foot, Hand’s elbow, Slay’s hammy, Stafford’s hip or back whatever, Diggs’ hammy, and Amendola’s ribs. I sure would love to beat GB at Lambeau AND the Vikes here after that.

Betcha he doesn’t do that hurdle thing again.



We were both replying at the same time…Great Minds and all that :laughing:


No need to rush him back. Jesse James was signed for a reason.

Someone was going to pay the price for all of this excessive hurdling eventually. Sadly, it was our first round TE.


Great news, I thought he might have broken his clavicle or had a more serious concussion.

Moral of the story. Stop trying to hurdle defenders young man.


To add to that you have cases like Jeremy Kerley. He’s still playing, years after having complications from a concussion that went undiagnosed initially. I remember hearing Kerley tell his story on NFL Radio. The kid thought his life as he knew it was over. The splitting headaches, the vomiting, not being able to focus, any light in the house being on felt BLINDING and he had to avoid it, etc. He said it was one of the scariest things he’d ever experienced, because it went on for WEEKS. He thought to himself “is this how the rest of my life is going to be?” And what’s weird is he actually passed the in game concussion test and was allowed back into the game. Then he passed the post game test. It wasn’t until he went up to the staff on his own a day later and said “guys, something isn’t right” that they finally diagnosed him and held him out.

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Yeah, I think they’ll take extra precaution with Hock. I don’t expect him for probably 4 weeks at least.

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If he were going to be out 4-6 weeks they IR him.

Hes back after the bye most likely.

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Who’s the the guy with the red had and shirt?

I’m guessing a member of the Chiefs medical staff?


I would bet you are right