New PFF top 100

Maybe we could trade for Donald for a year if the Rams want to rebuild. Let him teach his Pitt brethren for a year :joy:

I think that would be my preference. Get a wardaddy nose for run downs and use Paschal and Comiskey inside on 3rd downs. Assuming we sign Comsikey.

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That might be the deal, esp since I can’t see Carter being on the field all that much esp in his first year. We really need to hit the ground running next year on O and D. It would be easy if we just had to stop the run or the pass but the reality is we’re not very good at either. We have enough draft capital and FA dough to make some major changes, hopefully they have a plan that wows us all.

Mazi Smith Round 2 or 3 ???

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I dont love Smith but it seems like such a down year for DTs that he might be one of the best options

Agree- but Q Johnston could prove that too, and maybe Branch