New poster here, thx so much for a great forum!

I’m a former Ram fan who came here to lurk in 2021 when Holmes became GM and Goff was traded. At first I just wanted to see what Lion fans thought. Over time I was captivated by the depth, erudition, civility, and humor in this forum, and then I’ve been sucked in by this wonderful, gritty team - the Lions. Call me a bandwagoner if you want, just please let me have a small little seat on the back end of the wagon and I’ll be happy.

I’ve never followed a player away from the Rams before but the attitude and sneers from Snead and McVay towards Goff just made it too hard to keep rooting for them.

After reading faithfully for over 2 years I feel like you’re all my friends.
I predict good times ahead for Lions fans. Enjoy!!

I can’t ever remember seeing a top 4 draft class this talented and immediately effective. I figured Branch and Gibbs would help, but wow did LaPorta take me by surprise.



Thanks for the kind words, Holmes. Glad you like it here, and you will be welcome by all of us!

Many people transform into Lions fans when they realize we are the most attractive fans in all of professional sports (translation → it’s not real, so it doesn’t break the curse of their homeliness).

I sense great sincerity in you, so don’t be surprised if you start to become more handsome on a near daily basis. Also → bald guys rule. Consider shaving your head if you are not already!

looking forward to celebrating lots of wins and excessive handsomeness with ya, man!

Welcome aboard.


Thank you!

welcome @Crotalus --you will find this place Black or White–mostly hot or cold–we don’t always agree-though I assume you already know if you have read for two seasons. I look forward to your opinions and self statements that you make. for now-it’s past my bedtime here in Michigan @3:15 am…yet I’ll be bac on later this morning.

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Plenty of room on the bandwagon. We stack em 50 high and 100 deep! And this time of the year theres a stop at a cider mill for some fresh donuts and cider on the way.


Welcome to the board, bandwagoner.


Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend,
Come inside, come inside


Is this cro in crotalus that you are Croatian?
Then there are two of us.

Welcome brother!!

@Crotalus, welcome brother. The Den is happy to have you join us.

We’ve had…ahem…some shall we say lean years in Detroit.

Hopefully this year we can get our 1st playoff win since the 1991 season. What a magical day that was TOO long ago.

Willie Green was The Man!

Thanks again for joining us, and GO LIONS!


Is this like that thing where you accidentally send a text to the wrong person?



A hearty welcome @Crotalus ! I lurked for a long long time before posting as well. Have no fear and keep diving in, the water is warm!


Grab a seat wherever as we all enjoy the hell out of this ride.

As long as MI don’t turn into CA we’re all good!!! :joy:


Welcome to the board!
Your test will come when we play the Rams.:laughing:

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You picked a great team to root for at an even better time! You won’t be the first bandwagon that hops on this train. I also feel that since you’ve been here at the Den for 2 years you are no longer a bandwagon fan. Welcome aboard.


But don’t worry, there are also plenty of us in here that appreciate the Golden State as well. Just not the Golden State warriors.


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Plenty of room on the bandwagon!


I, for one, will be welcoming any and all new fans, whether bandwagon or not. It means we’re finally becoming a team worth rooting for.

So welcome aboard!