NFL Draft: Don't over think it — Marvin Harrison Jr. is best WR in this class

I wouldn’t. He literally showed up for the combine all ready to go. He then proceeded to talk to 8 or 9 NFL teams and he asked them if they needed to see anything or if there was anything they wanted him to do.

They all said “no thanks, we’re good”. I said this in another thread, he wasn’t hiding anything or being a diva, etc. He asked future employers, he was told it’s not necessary and he said “cool, gonna stay healthy then.”

Just hard to put him on a level with CJ when there are no numbers to compare. Malik Nabers just ran a 4.35 and there are guys like Dan O that think he’s the best WR in the draft.

No no no, by all means, overthink it all the way to pick 29 lol

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Marvin will be long gone… .

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I’m acting like BH is predictable…I don’t even know how you came to that in response to my comment.

There are not enough targets left to add another superstar. When the Chiefs had Tyreek and Kelce…who else caught passes? When the Lions had Moore and Perriman, Johnnie Morton was third on the team in catches with less than 50 if I remember correctly.

St. Brown and LaPorta are going to combine for close to 300 targets. Jamo and Gibbs another 150…already at 26 passing attempts per game. This is a balanced offense that thrives running the ball and using play action. It makes quite literally no sense to add a MHJ. It would be a complete waste of resources and it’s as close to a 0% chance as it gets.

Is BH unpredictable…sure he is (although directing that comment at me was a head scratcher), he’s definitely not stupid though.

We do need to add another WR. But you are looking at guys with future potential/guys who fill a specific role. Most likely a day 2 prospect who can fill Josh Reynolds role in 2024 with higher upside.

I am really starting to lean WR in the 1st. Would give us a ton of talent on the field in 3WR 1TE and 1RB sets.

ok , we are damn good offensively- but if we were next level or elite , then why do we all sit here discussing WR , or any other O prospect @detroit1811 ?

MH3 looks like a HOF dude already.

He is a freak in a game full of freaks. But he has to do it first. My only hope now is he ends up in the AFC or for sure not in the NFC North. Or with the Lions.

I think he is the best coming out of college since CJ for sure. That is not to say that once in the NFL there are guys who have lit it up. So he still needs to prove it but he seems almost too good to be true.

But what if we could get Marvin Harrison Jr & Bowers

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Jimmy should go OT in my opinion

The Ravens had an elite defense last year, why would that preclude them from adding to it?

We had the 3rd most yards and 5th most points per game last year we lost Jonah but arguably upgraded. We have lost Reynolds as well.

We were elite last year.

2nd round. Or whatever pick, they have 9 of them. They can draft OL later or use some of those picks to move up.

I think MH is more like Keenan Allen. He is no Calvin. If I had to pick a WR it would be Nabers. he is a little more explosive and has some dawg in him. In fact I think the other LSU WR Brian Thomas is right there with MH and Odunze for number 2. With all these guys I think it is just a matter of getting to a team in the right situation.

Yea, I think it will be one of two positions: WR or OL you can make a case for either.
Question is what is the talent gap between the top WR and OL at pick 5 vs other WR
and other OL in the draft.

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Bro you literally responded to MY post, who else did I think you were supposed to be speaking to?

the only reason we would draft a WR is because we lost Josh Reynolds -which is why I said that IF we draft Marvin Harrison , we would be elite mostly because I find Harrison AS GOOD as Reynolds…


Can’t get behind this one @BubbaBaker-60. MH3 is way more explosive than Keenan with much better long speed. I get the comp because they’re both excellent route runners for their size, but MH3 combines that with elite outside receiver skills Keenan just doesn’t have. There’s a reason he’s been a slot WR his whole career.

Nabers is nowhere near MH3’s level of refinement. The route tempo, the footwork, the way he keeps CBs off balance, the varying speed to his routes, his wafer crips route breaks, his different releases at the line, his feet working the boundary, his late hands and elite deep ball tracking skills, his sticky hands… Harrison is in his own world.

Now that’s not to say Nabers can’t get there and it is somewhat expected considering who MH3’s dad is, but I also think the argument that MH3 is the finished product is absurd.

Harrison is likely a future top 10, maybe top 5 WR. Reynolds doesn’t crack the top 50. He is excellent depth, but is a bit stretched as a starter outside playing 70%+ of the snaps.

Reynolds does not move the needle for this offense, A talent like Harrison would drastically shift how defenses play us.

Julio Jones wasn’t the first receiver in his draft year, it was AJ Green. I thought it was a mistake at the time as I was more impressed with Julio, but dems the facts.