NFL Draft: Don't over think it — Marvin Harrison Jr. is best WR in this class

It doesn’t work bro. You cannot make 3 elite WRs happy. Not only is it risky giving up the draft capital (which would be a ton), you risk the locker room. Somebody’s gonna get pissed off if not everyone. We all love ARSB…but he wants his and he showed a little bit of this last season. Imagine adding another high volume pass catcher to the mix.

It’s a moot point…it ain’t happening. Just trying to show how impossible and unlikely it is. This topic really shouldn’t be getting this much attention.

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How about 3 elite WRs and an elite TE and an elite RB?

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This seems like the right place to put this, for those worried about MH3’s speed because he didn’t test:

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So what happens if the Lions hit on another WR in the mid rounds. Would we have to trade Jamo/ASRB, because we have too much talent.

I’m not saying we have to go WR in the 1st, but the Lions have set themselves up to grab the best talent available.

As the Arizona Cardinals GM i would like to say…lol.

That’s not the same thing. I have no problem with taking an elite WR that just falls into our laps. But giving up assets to get that guy doesn’t make sense.

I’m not worried about it. Adding one of the top 3 WRs or Brock Bowers isn’t happening anyway. I guess there’s about a 1% chance we get Brian Thomas…but he has no business getting outside the top 20.

If we take a WR at 29 I don’t think it’s a smart decision (also why I don’t think BH does it). But if it happens I won’t be too upset. I trust what this organization decides to do fully. In fact I wouldn’t be angry if we did trade up a touch for Brian Thomas. He is my absolute dream WR type…but again I just don’t see it happening.

I think BPA available draft strategy applies to every position aside from a few. RB, TE, and IOL do not get drafted (or should not for the most part) due to positional value. Even though they might be BPA.

I agree that I don’t like these positions in the first round generally. As another poster said you really have to hit if you decide to take one. But there is a rare circumstance that when one of these players is BPA when it’s your time to pick, it also is one of your top needs. If the top 3 WRs are gone by pick 10, which I believe they will be, I see Brock Bowers being an A+ pick for the Jets. It really changes that offense and is quite literally the missing piece. He could go much later to another team and i wouldn’t like it nearly as much.

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