NFL power rankings: Lions ranked No. 1 after Week 11

When was the last time, if ever, the Lions were No. 1 in any power rankings?


I’m sorry no, no, you can’t put this team above the Ravens.

I’m not saying that the Ravens deserve to be number one either, but Baltimore absolutely stomped us 3 weeks ago. Teams that get stomped in the past month don’t get to be number one.


Yeah, this is too much. And rankings are dumb at the best of times anyway.

However, they should get extra marks for the comeback. That’s impressive to have that ability. 15 points in three minutes. There will probably come a game soon enough when that’s required. And having this one in your pocket will only breed confidence.

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It’s just one. I can’t imagine anyone else putting the Lions No. 1, especially after the way they won on Sunday.

The 49ers look like they’re back


The NFL is hilarious how week to week every team’s rep goes. So much overreaction, overvaluation, catastrophizing etc.

The Niners go from being frauds to king of the hill in one week. The Lions have had similar jumps between highs and lows. Whatever. Something to write about I guess. But the wildly swinging hot takes start to get old about this time of the season.


A more realistic assessment:

5. Detroit Lions (8-2): The Lions messed around with the lowly Bears on Sunday, but made the plays needed to erase a 12-point deficit in the final five minutes to stay on track. The Lions’ offense is elite, but the defense has to take a leap for them to be considered a realistic threat to the top two in the NFC.


Lions are maybe 5-7 overall.

Eagles, Chiefs, 49ers, Ravens are top 4.


They never went anywhere, they just had some injuries to key guys for a stretch. And some incredibly bad luck against Cleveland.

While I agree our D needs to - and will - take a leap, the Eagles are getting a pass based on reputation. We’re only giving up a point more than them, and we’re actually giving up 10 yards per game less (we’re 9th in the league in that category).


Some on this site think that’s the Lions actual record in 2023.


If power ranking were about who would beat who in a fair matchup I would give us slight odds over SF and have us at 4.

I keep my own math (not opinion) based power rankings and the Lions are #6 right now.

I would question the 49ers but the rest are solid.
Now that Burrow is out for the season things just got much more clear.

I think the 49ers have shown, when healthy, they are definitely one of the top teams in the NFL. Top four is correct imo.


My issue is always Purdy. Are they winning because of him? Are the winning with him? Or are they winning in spite of him?

I would say they are winning with him.

I think the Eagles win because of Hurts and I think the Lions win because of Goff. For me that is the difference.

But otherwise I agree the 49ers are very solid but beatable.

I think it was the NFL network had a similar comment on Purdy as yours.

Does he lead them to victories or do they win with him? Their conclusion was they win with him not because of him. They also said that is the team well rostered on all sides for that scenario to be successful. Scenario includes winning in the playoffs, time will tell.

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How did the 9ers do last year without Brock Purdy?

Oh yeah they got sh*tted on

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With KC’s loss last night, The Lions now have the 2nd best record in the entire NFL all to themselves.

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Prisco, who doesn’t know shit about football, has the Lions at #2