Nick Saban’s tears

He wants you to know that things aren’t very fair to Alabama.

And he’s able to say it all without any hint of irony.


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Compare Fisher and Sabans contracts. Is Saban pissed that he can’t afford to buy a team?


Yep. He’s just pissed that another program that prints diplomas on toilet paper has discovered an additional way to ruin college football.


The NIL framework and totally not related retirement/resignation of Mark Emmert is basically the Marc Rich pardon of college sports…


Haha and most of the players aren’t even graduating.

Fisher may not like to hear it, but he absolutely bought a recruiting class. He didn’t break any rules, because the NCAA doesn’t believe in rules, but he still paid for that class.

The NCAA is always absent. They created this and have had no intention of laying the ground rules. I don’t see it changing until the SEC wants it to. Like they did with satellite camps. It was something so small yet so offensive to the SEC that it had to go.


I’ll just leave this here:

Click the link and check out the vehicles his players end up with.

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Fisher didn’t cheat. NIL is legal and Alabama engages in this as well. What Fisher had done, and this is within the rules because there are no rules, is recruit to the highest bidder. It’s legal at the moment, but that is not the intent behind NIL. Everyone knew this was going to happen because the NCAA is completely absent. They always wait until a scandal goes public, which will eventually happen.

Fisher doesn’t like to hear he paid for his recruiting class, because that sounds real negative to traditionalist, but it is precisely what he did. Teams will follow his lead and the disparity will continue to grow until the NCAA decides to pull its head out of its ass and realize they should have allowed compensation for years, but they have to regulate it so it’s fair to EVERYONE. Everyone needs to play by the same rules.


No foul, no harm.
No whining!

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A ton of harm but no foul.


Not Fishers fault. Some board voted to allow it and not control it.
You can’t fault a guy for finding a way to win legally.


We’re in violent agreement. Hate to see it though.


It would be interesting to hear you say where you think the harm is.

Nil is trash.

This is funny to me… just because it’s essentially the first step in making college sports minor leagues and allowing players to get paid for it.

Football is of course the highest focus and most profitable, but the NIL for hockey players, baseball, swimmers, gymnasts?

The NCAA can suck it because they created this little mini-era happening now. Just like the NHL rules committee, they can both suck it because they do nothing and then implement rules as they go along and never enforce any sort of established base ground and eventually contradict themselves.

In the long run though and big picture, the NIL I feel is just the first step to college sports becoming a minor league system for all sports. Not just football but all of them. Even water polo and synchronized swimming. And heck, if I was a good athlete for whatever in college now, I’d run that for all it’s worth, as long as they don’t screw you in the end.

And that’s the real question… how many of these guys/gals going to sign contracts for things that eventually compromise them financially?

If the NCAA had any sort of standard or self respect, they would address it. But it’s obvious it’s just a bunch of billionaires who pay zero attention to things and are focused on the end result I.e. what they get paid out.

The corruption is real, everywhere.

I got these hats, they’re made out of tin foil and pretty cool :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is minor league baseball a bad thing for baseball?

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