Non-Lion games for today

Loving watching the games today!

Ram D whipping some ass.

Matt’s looking pretty B+, so far. Had a bad pass that was caught and helped him quite a bit.

It’s feeling like playoffs. I’m getting excited for this year’s playoffs.

Stafford’s got a little it of nerves today. He’s gotta calm a it. Some happy feet that could cost him.

Stafford pick 6.

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Stafford gonna Stafford.

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He’s super-talented, but I could see him in his head from the first play. He’s antsy today. Gotta get out of his head, and into his heart. It’s 100% how he is energetically. That’s what causes “streaky.”

If you are a human, you will be in your head sometimes.

I think they’ll win today…
annnnd…I think it doesn’t matter.

They need to position for and win in the playoffs.
This is about developing habits, energy, and momentum that will win in the playoffs.

I think that’s 4 this year for Pick Sixford

Absolutely. As a Lion, it was rare for Stafford to recover from those pick 6 throws. Things usually snowballed from there. He’s in a much different situation now, though.

Hopefully he turns this game around.

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Stop hating bruh

Fixed it for you. Unless you are one of those “fans” that root against things that can help your team for the glory of another team’s quarterback.

They are good enough to overcome a few turnovers.

That stuff will be critical during playoffs though

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What a throw there in the face of huge pressure.

Absolutely stuns me what Kupp is able to do each week when everyone knows it’s coming. Him and matt are on a good page together

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I want high draft picks but I like Stafford and hope he wins a championship.

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Did Beckham punch him while he was on ground after pick ?

Throwing into triple coverage wasn’t a great decision, though.

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He was punching at the ball.

I love the purity of sports. I love humans. I am a fan of humans, as well as teams. I’ve been rooting for Matt as a man and a player for a decade. It’s not gonna change to appease you.

If my definition of fan doesn’t match yours, I won’t lose 7 seconds of sleep over it.
I get where you are coming from, and I truly do respect it.
It also doesn’t mean I’m arrogant enough to think my truth needs to match yours, or you are somehow wrong.

Possibly something for you to look at. Are you more correct? Is your blueprint more valid than mine?

We dont’ live our lives, we live our stories.

I dont care enough about what you think to judge your way of being. Sending love, and enjoying the game. Rooting for the Lions…BIG TIME.
While I am massively Lions first, I also root for Stafford. So foreign to me that so many have such issue with that and/or trouble understanding it.

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LOL. Oh my

Yup. I think they’ll win, but it won’t matter if they dont’ develop momentum and position themselves energetically for the playoffs.

I am really not in the mindset to wax philosophically with you today, Natty. And, I really don’t care that you don’t care that I don’t subscribe to your opinion on this matter. But in deference to understanding, I will give you a simple analogy and hope that it makes sense to you:

I like birds fine enough. I have no problem with them, and know the good they do in the world. I love bees. They are important to our ecosystem and wonders of the modern world. Independent of each other, I wish birds and bees nothing but success. But when a bird’s success means a bee’s demise, I root against the bird. That is all.

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