Observations: Jahmyr Gibbs dazzles against Giants, while a UDFA shows he belongs

Damn, well … that’s good to hear.

He ran away from the Giants’ defense both in the run game as well as the pass game, and dominated New York during red-zone drills to conclude practice. He caught two touchdown passes from Jared Goff while pounding in another on the ground.


But but I thought he was not good value according to some experts??


Williams had 17 TDs last year, would that make him good value if he was a 1st round pick?


That’s how I’ve seen it.

Gonna be REAL HARD to keep Branch off the field.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 16-18-30 Observations Jahmyr Gibbs dazzles against Giants while a UDFA shows he belongs


Kyle: If roster cuts were today, dollars to doughnuts that Starling Thomas V would be on the right side of the bubble. The undrafted rookie out of UAB can flat-out play. He picked off a pass for receiver David Sills during one-on-ones, plus knocked away a ball for star rookie Jalin Hyatt. Thomas stuck with the speedster during the rep, showing impressive speed.

During team stuff to end the day, Thomas was in outstanding position for a ball thrown into the end zone, although he has to remember to turn his head and look for the ball. He’s fortunate the pass-catcher sailed out of bounds while trying to make a tough play. But moments later, Thomas was again in great position, and this time had eyes on the ball. He broke up the pass for former Lions receiver Kalil Pimpleton, then turned around and started talking, well, I can’t share exactly what I wrote in my notebook. This is a family publication, after all. But let’s just say he was jawing at the Giants without fear.

That’s the thing about Thomas’ game. You have to be able to play at this level, and Thomas has looked like he can play since arriving in Allen Park. More than that, though, Thomas has the kind of fearlessness, relentlessness and all-around bad boy-ness that this staff loves.

“Starling, he is physical, he can run, he’s highly competitive,” defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn said. “Those same things I’ve told you about Jerry when he was here (as a rookie). And I got to do a really good job of understanding those traits that we need as an undrafted free agent, to be able to compete to be a part of this team.”

Right now, it seems like Thomas will be part of this team. But to sew up a job for good, he’ll have to win multiple roles on special teams, and he had a bad rep as a gunner against New York, getting pushed way out of bounds.


Jamaal had 12 receptions for 73 yards in 2022.

Gibbs was drafted for his pass catching ability.

Monty was signed to replace Jamaal.

That’s apples and oranges……


“safety Starling Thomas”? MLive needs an editor, Nate. You should apply.


Gibbs is going to be a monster in this offense. He has to be a front runner for OROY.

Dear Baby Jesus,

Please gift Gibbs with the ability to stay healthy for at least several seasons, us poor Lions fans have suffered enough.



This echoes what Brad Holmes said about Starling early on. They really like Jerry Jacobs, and Jerry’s success has created a bit of a blueprint for what they are looking for. Brad said they saw alot of Jerry Jacobs in the way Starling went about his business. At least in some key areas they felt help Jacobs stick. It was in the same interview where Brad said Steven Gilmore is built from the same cloth, he just needs time to develop his body before he will be ready.


Holmes’ ability to see these diamond in the rough CBs is unparalleled.


Moseley was undrafted as well. Literally 4 corners on the roster this year might be undrafted guys. Meanwhile we trade a former 3rd overall pick in the draft for a mid round magic bean and paid most of his salary to get rid of him.


And convert our 3rd round CB Iffy to FS


not the first time i’ve seen him called a safety. one of our beat writers did it last week.

Wow, Gibbs turns on the jets:



I think this is our best line-up. I think I called it as soon as we got Branch. So, all you peasants, THANK ME for this insight! You’re welcome.


As they call “themselves”.

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Iffy, shit I forgot he was even on the team. Has anyone heard anything about how he’s doing in camp!?

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He’s having a great camp.


I also heard things were clicking for him but @QBHATER90 has a different take.