Offensive Line…

I know it is not a need and we just took Sewell last year but I wouldn’t be at all upset with with took Neal or Icky with #2 overall. Both players would instantly give us an upgrade at Right Guard with the thought of moving them to Tackle in a year or two, especially if Decker cannot stay healthy and we move on.

I also realize we didn’t have our starters all year last year but the numbers show, we need to improve on the O-Line. I am excited to have Ragnow back and Sewell with a full year under him. Just throwing these numbers out because our offense CANNOT improve unless our o-line gets better.

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We should really always be trying to improve our offensive line, but right now we’ve spent three 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, and paid our other guard like a tackle in FA. That’s a ton of resources on the OL and it’s worked, for the most part.

But if you look at the OLs of all the teams that make the playoffs, they always hit on late round guys. Especially at interior OL. Some of them don’t have any 1st round picks (the Rams last year, for instance). We need to be able to get better value out of our line. If we draft someone at #2 overall and he hits like we hope, that means we’ll be paying Sewell through the teeth one year, then Ekwonu or whoever the next. All while paying Decker, Ragnow, and probably Jackson too (even if we move on from Decker, it would be a huge layout). We might be forced to trade Ragnow.

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I agree. Our Oline needs better players. And great DEPTH. 17 games. Rushing being a priority. So injuries will happen. Can’t ignore that.

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Ikky can provide great depth for BOTH positions. OT and OG. It’s a no brainer for me.

Well those last 3 bullets tell us we better concentrate on improving our defense


That RBs hit behind the line of scrimmage stat reflects:

  1. The first 8 games w/o Taylor Decker
  2. Almost 14 games w/o All Pro C Frank Ragnow
  3. Primary backup 2020 OT Tyrell Crosby going into the tank
  4. Matt Nelson, a converted DL, having to start 11 games at OT–675 snaps or 61.25%
  5. Former 5th Rd pick (Cards) Will Holden, who previously been with eight (8) different teams since 2017, chipping in 71 snaps or 6.44%
  6. Undrafted Evan Brown starting 14 games at C
  7. Undrafted rookie free agent OG Tommy Kraemer having to play 238 snaps of 21.6%
  8. Undrafted rookie free agent C Ryan McCollum playing 101 snaps or 9.17%
  9. A rookie OT who had to switch from LT to RT, then to LT, before back to RT

The Lions don’t need another high draft pick on the OL–they just need the guys they have to be available to play.



No No NO


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If we could get a healthy Decker and Ragnow for a full season, it’s a pretty strong unit. But, staying healthy in a 17 game season won’t be easy. That’s why I’m not against drafting one of the top o-lineman if Holmes is sold on one of them. I’d prefer a pass rusher, but I’d understand if we went o-line, especially if that is the highest rated player on the board.


Drafting depth with the #2 pick is not exactly a good use of resources. Have you seen our defense?


Loved the post, and the visual. T-Deck and Ragz will dramatically improve this stat, as well as having pass threats that dont’ make the O so one-dimensional

That said, I’m okay with it if they see the talent discrepancy as wide enough to go BPA and it ends up being OL (truthfully, hope that’s not the case, but I can see it)

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There’s definite Merit to this. Also, I cold see a possibility where we draft OL all the time and just keep trading and acquiring draft capital through trades, if we are good enough at it. I DO think we’ll prioritize trenches.

I think Brad will be cutting good players at multiple positions soon. We will continue to draft well, adn we won’t have roster spots and/or cap space for everyone.

The foregoing, coupled with his success after the change in playcallers, help explain why Holmes & Campbell are willing to stick with Goff for another season.

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I believe so as well. I’ll be shocked if we go QB at #2.

Ikem Ekwonu our next OT.

Last 9 games…
229 yards on 39 attempts
168 yards on 23 attempt
76 yards on 19 attempts
100 yards on 27 attempts
118 yards on 21 attempts
126 yards on 34 attempts
130 yards on 33 attempts
95 yards on 22 attempts
99 yards on 26 attempts

4.67 yards per carry

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Might as well take one of the QB’s and cross your fingers, if you want to draft a backup.
But really, Vatai would become the backup in this situation.

I love our OL. I do want us to add a day 3 OG to groom as Vaitai’s eventual replacement but otherwise just keep adding quality depth on the cheap and let the top tier guys gel.


If you want to upgrade right guard and go cheaper, maybe the third or fourth round.

Hard to upgrade on 0 sacks allowed. Which is what Big V gave up last year.

There have been 3 guards drafted as a Top 10 pick in the last 20 years. If this FO takes a player in the Top 10 who is apparently going to start over a pro-bowl LG or a RG who gave up 0 sacks last year when this team has holes all over the defense, they’re dumb as hell.