**** Official Bills vs Lions Thanksgiving Day thread ****

Excited to see them in 10 days with Jamo and Okudah. This team is going to be pissed

This was a toe to toe loss against the SB favorite who has a top five defense and offense

If we don’t miss a chip shot FG it’s either a win or tie


Hutch was invisible. Disappointing after a few good games.


He looked hurt.


I am not sure that I agree, Husker. Yes, ASB has a lane that would have gotten more yards, but he would have been tackled in bounds. I thought he made a decision to go out of bounds given the clock was under a minute and he could save a time out.


We had three timeouts. He gets at least ten more yards and perhaps twenty more yards if he gets downhill.

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Thibs finally showed up for a game. Just took a national audience I guess.

Well we succeeded in saving TOs

We didn’t win but we conserved TO’s

Do we get to roll them over to next game?

The yards were more important than saving one of our three TOs at that point

Classic Lionsy stuff.

If we need a player to get OB cuz we have no TOs and stop the clock…they get tackled inbounds. When we need more yards and have lots of TOs…dude runs OB

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Maybe they’re not confident that coaching staff will call TOs. It’s in the PPs, after all.


And both dont know if chark ran the wrong route. Just because they played gane doesn’t mean they know what was going on. Goff didnt lose this game. Yet both f uck heads aren’t complaining about clock management? Pure trash at the end game.


Goff said himself in the presser he threw a bad ball. He admitted it. I like Goff and want him as QB, but he botched that play on his own.


Jared never, ever throws his coach or wr’s under the bus. He didn’t in LA and he never does in Detroit. It wasn’t the best throw, but Chark has (in my memory) never caught a pass like that. Nor has anyone on the lions (no separation). I hated the play call. Even if he connected, it was not a dependable option. Watching the Vikings - Jefferson goes up and gets it, or dives to the side to save it. Goff doesn’t have that guy. Know your guys. Call a play they typically make. This wasn’t it.


So long story short - we had streaming issues - xfinity stream went down all day for us, so I scrambled and airplayed the football games off my phone all day, and now miraculously xfinity stream is working again.

On top of preparing for thanksgiving I was watching the game but also distracted a ton and didn’t get to see it all.

All that being said, we hung tough with one of the best teams in the league. I saw James Houston get his couple sacks. Not sure what happened to Okwara but he looked in pain.

Overall, I still think we have a chance at the playoffs. We are a very good team. Think of it this way - we took two of the best teams in the league down to the wire this year.

We just need another draft and FA reload. This is a well coached and passionate team


I like his “I own it” attitude.
Shit happens.
Shit can’t happen.
He’s knows it.
He’s our QB, and he’s keeping us in games. Just gotta take the next step. Clean that up!


But, just for the argument, what if Goff is taking the rap for a guy fresh off IR zigging right when should have zagged left?
I mean, this Goff’s 11 game. He might have a leg up on performance of the schemes.

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Hope you had a great Turkeyday w/the fam, brother!

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Well, Nos. 1 & 5 were right.

Williams had 66 yards & a rushing TD.

And, the turkey was awesome this year.

Thanks man, it was good and I hope you had a great day too!

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