***Official Den Mock Draft Contest Discussion thread***

This is the official discussion thread. Keep all discussions here and out of the contest thread.

In the official contest thread you will post just your entry. Nothing more.


Ummm, you closed it and then pinned it. Wait, in the form of a question, right. What is you closed the topic and then pinned it? :laughing:
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Its not nice to tickle the dragon’s tail…


Ok, serious question. Let’s say I want to predict a trade that leaves the team with eight picks and a 2nd round pick from the Rams next year. Will you allow that, and if so what is the point scoring on that? :thinking:

So I’ve got a question…

This should be 9 picks right?

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Read the last line.

I will unlock the contest soon. I wanted to post an example and give everyone a chance to ask questions first before going live. So start thinking about your choices.

You can predict to your hearts desire but we do not need to see the prediction.

You can make a max of 9 guesses. It would be wise to use all 9 guesses.

All we need to see is the position, name and draft location of the guess.


6OA - QB - TCLion

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Yes 9

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Thanks to you, Air, I predict this will be the least messy Den Mock Draft Contest ever. And I don’t know how I feel about that… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Define soon? :laughing:
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Way too early for TCLion, haven’t you seen his 3 cone time!?


His 16oz curls were elite.

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I heard he broke the record at his pro day!

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The dedication to get that point, well, lets just say not many get to that level.

What does he do with the 3rd cone?

This is Madonna’s 2 cone time:

I’d assume the 3rd cone covers his junk, can never be too careful!

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Sorry, just a little confused:
If I predict a trade down, and now the Lions have 11 picks, only the FIRST 9 count? Or only two picks in the first round, 2 picks in the second, none in the fourth count?

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Air, didn’t you learn anything from Jman’s draft thread?


You only get 9 picks. That’s it.

So choose the 9 you want to predict wisely.

The reason for this is that anyone trading to acquire additional picks always has advantages. More picks more guesses. So the way to combat that is to limit everyone to the same number. 9 is that number this year. So be smart about it.

I learned that lesson a long time ago. That is why the official thread is closed to start. So everyone can get their questions out.

Also everyone will be responsible for scoring their own mock and posting their scores here.

I will double check the top 5 finishes to ensure accuracy and posting those scores in the locked thread.

Lastly once the main thread is opened back up your selections will be locked 24 hours prior to the draft. No one will be able to edit them once they are locked.