Official fire MCDC thread

I’ve seen enough.

Gotta start it some time.

It wasn’t just the complete manhood-removal that is happening. It’s that the Lions have given up on this guy. He has also made several enough dubious calls to question his competence as a coach.

He can’t do it.

Fire him now or at the end of the season. I don’t really care.


I knew that this was a low upside hire, but I at least thought it would be better than this.

This is the worst football team that I could’ve possibly imagined us having this year.

Dan Campbell wasn’t qualified to be a head NFL coach then, and he definitely isn’t now.

I’m sick of the Lions expecting leaps forward from risky players and coaches.

@Richard_Parker it’s time to get the Joe Brady train fired back up again.

Y’all have short memories. Patricia game one was the worst performance Ive ever seen from a coach and a team with a lot more talent than this one.


I agree. This is bad. Really bad. Put Lynn in charge. Even with injuries it can not be this bad. I am at a low point right now.

Goff also deserves to be benched.

These are the only kind of guys we get because no one else wants this job. May as well become Lions free because nothing is ever going to change with this franchise.

This is the worst roster in football. Sean Payton, bill belicheck, etc wouldn’t win with this garbage. We have a backup level QB who is making 30 million. our offensive line is basically just made up of young guys and udfas. Our best players are a receiving back and a good but not great possession tight end. We have 1 NFL level player at wr. And they inherited the worst defense in history.


Good God! Nope Nate!!

Next season maybe not this one


I wouldn’t fire him just yet. But, if we play like this a few more times after the bye week, I might consider it. This team quit today and that’s unacceptable. I don’t mind losing if I see effort at least.


I am not accepting that the roster explains this mess. Even with injuries this OL is okay. We have Swift and Hock. The WRs are awful but Goff makes them seem horrific.

I supported Goff until his second throw away on 4th down this season. That should never happen at all. Once…I am not going to kill a guy but twice???!!!

Goff almost got Hock killed early this game too.

I will gain a slight bit if respect for Campbell if he benches Goff next week. I don’t mind taking a shot on Goff but he is broken. His confidence is gone and iI think his love for the game is also gone. He is broken. I thought he could be salvaged but now I think he is hopeless.

I like Goff, I like his game but his terrible play crossed a line for me today.

This team has folded more than once this season. Where is the fight? Where is the scrap? Knee biting has been replaced by rolling over. The only guy with fight in his game is Tracy Walker and my guess is he isn’t coming back. I am really down right now,


I refuse to believe that Joe Brady wouldn’t have taken this job if we offered it to him.

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  3. What is your favorite color magic bean?

I was 80% there after his introductory press conference

I was 100% there a couple weeks ago when I realized it wasn’t going to be getting better as the season went along

I would put us being 0-8 way more on coaching than roster

We wouldn’t be going to the Super Bowl this year but a decent coach would have a couple wins by now

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Go Rams!

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We are always going to suck. But at least if we change coaches we get to pretend we don’t suck for a little bit…before sucking again and repeating the cycle.


Last chance to trade goff. Any takers?

What do the eagles need? Maybe trade Goff and a vet lineman for Minshew to the eagles?

Nate, is smart man. But with that said he’s not getting fired

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Why do you say that?

I said it in the game thread: I just wanted improvement this year. Proof that coaches can adjust. Things like that.

They’re getting worse. The team is giving up early in games. That’s a terrible sign.


At home, playing a 2-5 team with a chance to get the first win of the season and this is the effort we see?

Their OL KILLED our DTs today. I saw Alim get pancaked a number of times.

The Eagles don’t have that much more talent than us. Yes they are better but damn near 50-6 better? Nope.

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