*** Official Gameday Thread ***

Is this it?

Wearing my Lions shoes again today for the first time since last Sunday. 1-0


Why not lead by Jason Lions Vs Falcons Gameday Thread…GO BLUE !!

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I really wanna know what happened with Cephus. He looked solid early, and hasn’t played since.

Do hope to see the defense show up again today. Gimme more Swift!

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There’s a rumor on twitter that Swift legally changed his name to Sanders on Thursday. Expect big things going forward.

Game On !! Lets go Bird Hunting Lions !!!

Over under 72 points?

Apparently today we’re carrying an extra TE and going with 5 WRs but I’m not sure about the other games.

Matt Ryan’s first NFL pass

Oh look a wide open TE…

no defense within 12 yards…closest guy was beyond the first down marker…you don’t get that wide open …til you play us… that coverage makes me throw up in my mouth.

Mack down, bad for them, great for us.

Lets go Lions!

Ugh…the ugly greys

They said the defender fell, and they didn’t show much on the replay so hopefully there are no more unforced errors

Yeah, like it matters, our d-line can’t exploit it.

So far the defense looking kind of like last week wasn’t a fluke

Nice series. I hope we see this aggressive posture on defense carry forward. If nothing else it’s a helluva lot more entertaining.

Nice blocking :sweat_smile:

Worst Color-Rush jerseys in the NFL. And it isn’t even close.


Why run there on 2nd down? Too damn predictable.