***Official Playoff Game thread ***

First on is Ind vs Buf.

Who do you think wins?

Wouldn’t it suck for Bud fans in Frank R. Knocks them out?

I think Buffalo is going to crush Indy. I don’t think Colts defense can stop Bill’s offense. Allen made a big jump this year.

I think Buf wins mainly because I have little faith in Rivers and I don’t think IND def is as great as some claim it to be. But their a good team and they have the potential to upset.

But my money is on Buf

I agree Air. Now if Indy had Stafford my money would be on them.

That throw right there by rivers is why IND fails. He makes throws like that a little to often

We get to watch 2 uninterviewed HC candidates, Eberflus and Daboll, head to head. :grin: I think the Bills defense can beat the Colts offense enough to win.

Love how the Colts are built. Wish they would have kicked a FG though…

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I’ll be pulling for Indy as long as they’re in this.

That’s the kind of call thatt gets reversed against Detroit.

There is no QB in the NFL I would take over Josh Allen.

I do envy those desperate sideline throws while running from the pass rush. What looks like a throw-away ends up being 1st downs.

That’s may come back to haunt them. Stupid decision in my opinion.

I think he’s the best young QB in the league. Even better than Mahomes.

Josh Allen makes throws that I am not sure I’ve even seen stafford throw…bombs all arm…nothing else…

And then he runs like a running back – not in terms of top-end speed, but in terms of, “I’m running it and you’re going to have to tackle me like a RB.”

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Buffalo has decided to go into prevent and also avoid wrapping up a little prematurely, I’d say.

I’m going to admit heresy to the religion of stafford…but I’d take josh Allen over stafford.

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Like even stafford has to load up a little when he launches a bomb…he just flicked that td pass to Diggs.

He looks great. I wonder what the QB whisper as too say about him.