OFFICIAL ROUND 2 and round 1 results

1- Carolina - CJ STROUD QB
2- Houston - AR 15 QB
3- Arizona- Will Anderson Edge
4- Indy - Bryce Young QB
5- Sea- Tyree Wilson DE
6- DETROIT- Jailin Carter DT
7- LV- Will Levis Onwazurike QB

8- ATL- Christian Gonzalez CB
9- CH i- Witherspoon CB
10- PHI - Skoronski OL
11- Ten - Paris Johnson OT
12- Hou - J. Smith-Ninja WR
13- NYJ - Bijan Robinson RB
14- NE - Porter Jr CB
15 GB - Dalton Kincaid TE
16-Was - Deonte Banks CB
17- Pit - Brian Branch DB/SS

18- DETROIT - Nolan Smith Edge
19- TB - Broderick Jones OT
20- Sea - John Michael- Scmithz OC
21- LAC- Michael Mayer TE
22- Bal - Keion White DE
23- Min - Kancey DT
24 - Jax - Wright OT
25 - NYG- Q Johnson WR
26 - Dal - Mazi Smith DT
27 - Buf Dewand Jones RT

28- Cin - Darnell Washington TE
29- NO - Myles Murphy DE
30- Phi - A.Adebawore DL
31- KC - Harrison OT


  1. Pittsburgh - Jordan Addison WR

  2. Houston - Bryan Bresee DT

  3. Arizona - Emmanuel Forbes CB

  4. Indy - O’Cyrus Torrence RG

  5. LAR - Steve Avila OC

  6. Sea - Kelee Ringo CB

  7. LV - Julius Brents CB

  8. Car- Zay Flowers WR

  9. N.O. - Drew Sanders LB

  10. Tenn - Jailin Hyatt WR

  11. NY Jets - BJ Ojulari DE… from @LionFrog

  12. NY Jets - Trenton Simpson WLB

  13. Atlanta - Jamyr Gibbs RB

  14. GB - Antonio Johnson FS

  15. NE - Lukas Van Ness EDGE

  16. Wash - Jack Campbell MLB

48. Detroit - Cam Smith CB

  1. Pittsburgh - Henley LB

  2. Tampa Bay - FAU DE

  3. Miami - Musgrave TE

  4. Seattle - Benton DT

  5. Chicago - Bergeron OT

  6. LA Chargers - Overshone LB

55. Detroit - …MAUCH OL

  1. Jax - Tuliatupolo or whatever DE
  2. NYG - Laporta TE
  3. Dallas - Charbonnet RB
  4. Buffalo - To’To’To LB
  5. Cin - Ojomo DI
  6. Chi
  7. Phi
  8. KC

Round 3
64. Chicago
65. Houston
66. Arizona
67. Denver
68. Denver
69. LA Rams
70. Las Vegas
71. New Orleans
72. Tennesee
73. Houston
74. Cle
75. Atlanta
76. New England
77. LA Rams
78. GB
79. Indianopolis
80. Pittsburgh

81. Detroit
82. Tampa Bay
83. Seattle
84. Miami
85. LA Chargers
86. Baltimore
87. Minnesota
88. Jacksonville
89. NY Giants
90. Dallas
91. Buffalo
92. Cincinatti
93. Carolina
94. Philadelphia
95. Kansas City
96. Arizona
97. Washington
98. Cleveland
99. San Francisco
100. Las Vegas

Compensation picks:
101. San Francisco
102. San Francisco


Arizona - cwilson4281
Atlanta - Mr. Peabody
Baltimore - CashRipley
Buffalo - Tralfaz
Chicago - stephenboyd57
Cincinnati - Davicus
Cleveland - LionFrog
Dallas - BubbaBaker-60
Denver - Wolfhound32
Detroit - GROUP POLL
Green Bay - frm710
Houston - JimLiohey
Indianapolis - Mike0618
Jacksonville - Sofatso
Kansas City - socko
Las Vegas - TCLion
LA Chargers - BitterSyd
LA Rams - wolfcub36
Miami - Tucker
Minnesota - NowFromTN
New England - TouchdownMyPants
New Orleans - Thats2
NY Giants - BallHawk
NY Jets - Jman
Philadelphia - HiFidelity
Pittsburgh - Martymcfly2017
San Francisco -
Seattle - Cashmachine
Tampa Bay - JerseyJungle
Tennessee - HSVLions
Washington - CuriousHusker


Well, never mind then…
Let me get back to that all important old school business lunch.

I like the way round 1 went. A little off the wall, some head-scratchers, some picks that make you think, some real bargains. Definitely not chalky.

Just like the real draft.


I agree. Hat’s off to everyone for making solid picks

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oooh, elaborate on that

This would be a great time for a pick by pick analysis from our friendly mock asylum expert @Thats2

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Oh sheesh, I actually like that idea, but I’m firing these off on my phone while pretending to do work. I could hammer it out tonight when I’m home. In the meantime I thought @TCLion was doing a great job with the running commentary earlier.


We can wait til tonight…carry on until then brother @TCLion is like the live draft coverage guy you are the after the fact guy giving out grades

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Did anyone ever pickup Cleveland?
I didn’t realize it was going to be two days before I got to draft.
I can take it if nobody claimed it?

Yea this POS poster already got it Cleveland…it’s in the 2nd post of this thread all the GM Names there next to team

Well im taken the best weapon left to give Kenny Pickett another wr. Pittsburgh selects Jordan Addison wr from USC.


Lol I know I’m in the “head-scratchers” column

Great pick

@JimLiohey is up and he probably wont pick for a few hours sooo that’s my cue for break and actually get some work done

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Let’s see if I can’t find them a QB.:rofl:

Tyree makes perfect sense and they are desperate for center, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they added one around that range. Probably would prefer to trade back but sometimes it’s not possible. Personally I prefer Tippmann to Schmitz but I have them both with late 1st, early 2nd round grades, so it’s fine. Plus the Seahawks always reach for the guys they like.

Can’t wait for NYJ evaluation of taking Bijan to go with Breece (ACL) and play bully ball with that defense.

Rodgers could get a super bowl #2 like Peyton where he doesn’t even need to do much

PS keep Buffalo and Miami offenses in off the field and then Cincy and KC in the playoffs

If Pittsburgh takes Addison they need to announce him as the receiver from Pitt.


Everybody forgot dude played with Pickett and Caleb

He should be the #1 guy off board draft day

First Branch, and now Addison for Blitzburgh. The question on everyone’s mind though is why are Pickett’s hands so small and smell like cabbage? I mean seriously, have you seen such tiny paws on a QB??? Let’s talk about something else though, Bob.

We have, for your entertainment, Mel Kippur with us today, bound and gagged over a dunk tank filled with piranhas.

Tiny tiny hands

We have given three footballs to Punter Jack Fox to…carney hands…see if he can bring Mel down. Itsy bitsy baby hands :raised_hand: :raised_hands: