*** Official Turkey Day thread ***

I’m going to link to the prediction thread for those who want to participate in that.

Can the Lions pull off the upset and actually win one?

Go Lions?? … I think

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sweet, let’s see who gets closest

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Well I’m at the game because no one wanted to buy my tickets. I’d much rather be at home watching the game this year.

At least we enjoyed the parade. My 8 years old though that was fun.

She also participated in the pre game activities and sung the Lions fight song for the very few fans who chose to come out today.

Go Lions!

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23-16 Detroit!

Here’s my Lions bingo card for the game. What do you think my chances are?


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I was lucky enough to sell them during preseason or I would be there as well.

Also like your bingo card, only one I would ve concerned with is the Big Sean reference

Lions can win a game and still have the 1st overall pick.

Go Lions.


Eff it, I’m going with the Lions. This is the only game we have where the whole country is watching. Swift and Williams combine for 200 total yards and Goff does just enough to not lose the game.

That’s what she said!

warm-ups, men. Pregame, and getting ready for the Lions to whip some ass!

Started going to Rams games with my Dad when I was about that age. She’ll treasure those memories, trust me.

Happy Thanksgiving to The Den, one and all.

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I’m worried abit about dalton and how well he did last week with his wr

We need to stop the run and hope we can stay with the WR!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!’

Grateful for so much that Includes this forum and you all!! Love ya!!

Go TURKEY’s I mean Lions !!!

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I’ve got a feeling that Kraemer is going to be a little more settled in after getting all week with the 1’s. Vaitai’s been ok, but if we could get better RG play, I think that would serve this offense nicely.

Is Decker supposed to be back today? I haven’t heard anything either way about him it feels like.

Well I like the athem!’

Simple and sweet!!

Bring back Aretha. Now!!! I ain’t playing…

Fox kicking off!!

flash flashing GIF