Omg a top 10 pick! 😱

I caught myself getting slightly enthusiastic about this earlier.

I even (cringe) Googled recent mock drafts.

And then I remembered the many, many, many, many top 10 (hell, top 5) picks from the last 30 years and how it’s meant precisely shit.

14 top 10 picks.
0 playoff wins.

Why would 2021 be any different?

Sorry, but did you think I was going to sit alone with these depressing thoughts?


How many top picks have been during the rookie wGe scale era, I believe that plays a part. Before the change we had a few top picks hit but that became somewhat of a penalty more so than it is today. Idk I just think if we get a competent gm and make some shrewd moves there is always a chance to elevate the franchise, history doesn’t support the belief that we will pick.the right individuals however.

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Nate: “Come on in, the waters fine”


This is why I come here.


Ziggy was a great example. Top 5 pick. Was perhaps one of 3 in the top 10 who didn’t bust that year…he was the right pick and had some success…and he is already gone and a shell of his former self 8 years and 3 teams later…0 playoff wins. He was on the ‘14 defense…damn cowboys.


Hey buddy, c’mon, we could get the next Mike Williams. Ok, bad example. Eric Ebron!.. Wait, no…


Now I’m expecting a playoff, because losing is supposed to make for a awesome draft.

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I think we just earned our pick of Parsons or Lance with that loss.

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At least 4 of them.

I’m with you on this, I just don’t have it in me to make a emotional investment in this team to think it’s going to be different this time. Who we hire, draft, or sign in FA doesn’t matter. They have to start winning games for me to give a shit like I used too. I will always love the Lions, they just don’t love me back.


Ironic how many years we sucked, got fairly high slot in drafts and THEN , you guessed it still sucked although tanking was supposed to get you X draft project that will save us all and “will be great” for the Lions.

hows that working out for ya?

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Nothing you can do if the person making the picks is wrong. If the tank puts you in a position to take your choice of Taylor Lewan, OBJ, Aaron Donald, Kyle Fuller, Ryan Shazier, or Eric Ebron and he takes Ebron. Don’t blame the tank. It worked.

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Reasons to be optimistic:

Getting a higher pick in the draft (in each round) improves your chances or landing a quality player. It’s not a sure thing, however. What matters most is what the team does once they draft the player.

For example: Kyle Van Noy was a good player to draft in the 2nd round. The Lions, however, didn’t have a plan for him and didn’t develop him properly. As a result, he was a bust here in Detroit.

What mattered is that the Lions had a plan for him and then did a good job putting him in his role and developing him from there. This is what good teams do and bad teams do not.

Drafting #1 every year won’t make a bit of a difference if the right pieces aren’t in place to nurture the player once he is drafted.

So it’s all going to boil down to the new GM and coaching staff. If they are in sync, have a plan for the players they draft, and then do what is necessary to put the player in their role and develop them the player will be a success. The higher the draft pick, the more likely that the player will be a superior athlete and/or football player.

It’s good to get a higher pick to increase your ability to land a superior talent and also to trade down to acquire more picks. This is why it was good for the Lions to lose yesterday.

It’s necessary to have a GM/Coaching staff that drafts players with a role in mind that can develop them once they draft them. This is what the Lions have been missing for a long time.

Well, the Lions have a new GM + coaching staff on the way. Let’s land the right ones first, then we can worry about the draft and its implications. But, so long as we’re in a year with turnover like this - a higher draft pick is better than a lower one. #7 ain’t bad.

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So the tank worked but a team that didn’t tank got the better player?:thinking:

Every team that was fortune enough to draft after the Lions got a better because of a flawed pick by the whomever made the decision.

Doesn’t change the fact the talent was sitting there when if you win, you don’t have the option to pick them.

Lop off the next five guys. Win the meaningless game, you never even had a chance to select them.

It’s was what, and 84% of hitting on the pick from the next six selections made. Of course, the Lions got it wrong.

We can only hope the next regime gets it right.

There are good players all over the draft. You don’t have to have a top 10 pick. This is not the NBA.


You should have an easier time finding talent when you get to pick in the top ten. You shouldn’t miss nearly as much. We are just unfortunate enough to root for the one franchise that seems to bleep it up constantly.

And yet the same teams pick at the front of the draft, and the same teams pick at the back of the draft.

again we lose all the damn time, we pick high quite often and where are we? losing every season.

because you don’t get those dream draft picks…or WE don’t I should say.

ok then why ‘tank’ if you got a moron picking ? because OMG “were gonna get the greatest draft prospect EVER…if we just lose…why win all these meaningless games ? idiots! rinse and repeat right?
that’s why we always field a sewer-level team , moron leaders our owners chose , that have no idea what their doing. but if only we get that super high draft pick then we got a shot at the best talent.”