Orlovsky: Lions could target Stafford heir in 2nd round

I could see it. Doesn’t mean that we’d get rid of him, just would be an insurance policy. Would remind me of the Patriots drafting Garoppolo when they had Brady.

If Stafford improves with a new OC and stays on for a few more years, we might be able to trade the new guy.

If Stafford doesn’t improve from last year, we could see this new guy move into the starting role late in the season if he flashes during the preseason/limited snaps.

Before the season started Stafford had no NFL caliber TE. Before the half way mark he lost his #1 WR. Not long into the second half he lost his #1 RB and before the season was over we had more OL changes than any team in the NFL. If Stafford improves it will have less to do with the OC than it has to do with how well they addressed the mess he was handed to play with. So far, I am encouraged that they have gotten a no-shit NFL TE, they have better depth for the OL, they have a better answer for the slot WR, they have better depth at RB and we haven’t even gotten to the draft.

With re to finding another QB, this is a crap draft for QB’s and Staffords contract says he is here for this year and next. I wouldn’t be in any hurry to use a hi pick this year, we have bigger fish to fry.

This is about 7 years too late if it happens, but it should.

Except the games that killed us were game #1 and game #2.

Full strength when he threw those 4 picks against the Jets…

And if we win game 1 and 2, then beat the Pats, the last 4 aren’t garbage time games.

Stafford’s contract says he’s here this year, but not next. We actually save a significant amount on the cap if we trade or cut next year. He’d be one nice piece of trade bait next year, too, because the team that gets him gets him for 3 years with a reasonable tag for 2 years.

Of course, as Adrian said, if he plays well, of course we keep him.

Stafford has a dead cap hit of $26 million in 2020, we would save $5 million by cutting him. There is no way he isn’t here through next season. Game 1 of last year no one on the team was ready to play, and I blame it squarely on Patricia. We can go game by game and analyze, but for the season this is what I saw. Austin had a better D, our turnovers were non-existent compared to the year before. Special teams also contributed almost nothing compared to the year before. After the slow start it made total sense to deep 6 the season and trade Tate, he wasn’t going to be here this year because they weren’t going to pay him. Now, if you want to drop Stafford in 2021 it only costs $10 million, have at it. If he plays poorly this year WITH actual NFL players at WR, RB, TE and OL, then use a hi draft pick next year when the draft class for QB’s will be much better and work in whoever at that point. I suggest you go to Sportrac to check Staffords contract unless you think $5 million is a “significant amount”.

Right, because Patricia threw those picks, so you’re right. Squarely on him… I’ll look at the Jets game again. Let’s go through and see what happens when some of those picks turn into points or at least not turnovers. Defense started us out with a pick 6 (diggs), but even with that the offense sucked. Detroit’s first 5 drives: punt, INT, INT, missed FG (55), punt. One of those picks was stripped by Golladay but after possession changed.

In the 2nd half, 2 more picks from Stafford. One was a pick 6, one was held to a FG.

Getting pretty bored of excuses, especially ones that don’t hold water. It’s always “blame the coach” “blame the weapons”. Maybe it’s that this guy can’t get the best out of the weapons he has. Tate, Jones and Golladay are not garbage.

I’m not wrong about savings. Go to Over The Cap and pull the drop down to “trade”. We save $11.5M if we trade him. Could be a win/win, if we save that AND get draft picks. Think Herschel Walker. We’re not going to cut him. There will be takers for a trade.

The Jets scored 31 points in the 3rd quarter, take 10 of those and put them on Stafford and they still scored 21 in the 3rd quarter. I blamed the coach for one game, and I didn’t let Stafford off the hook because I said, “the team played poorly”. And I get pretty tired of people who don’t understand that it’s a team sport. Doesn’t hold water, lol, sure. I am pretty neutral on Stafford, if he doesn’t measure up this year then fine, let him go but expecting some sort of miracle trade for a guy who will be 32 to start next season, THAT holds water? I think there are only 4 starting QB’s that are older and all have enjoyed some post season success. On the one hand you are telling me he doesn’t have any value here then you turn right around and tell me that a team(s) is going to want to give up plenty to get him? With re to your take on the WR’s, he got the best out of Tate and it’s why Tate is no longer with Philly or Seattle. Tate will NEVER have numbers like that again. With Golladay, he’s doing pretty well. Averaging 15.7 per reception ain’t bad. Think Herscel Walker? Put down the bong dude.

With so many other needs at RG, TE, RB, WR, CB, LB, and Safety, I just can’t see the Lions drafting a QB before the 6th round. Not if you’re a win now team; okay, they ain’t exactly SB-ready but this year better be a rebound year, making the playoffs unless disaster strikes. But daggoneit, the Lions just do not need a rookie QB this year, outside of a UDFA or a really late round pick.

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Exactly, and if they want to go that route they can look at a guy like Easton Stick. He was backup to Carson Wentz and won all 8 starts when Wentz was injured. In the next 3 seasons he led the team to two national championships. He can buy time with his feet, he ran an absolutely ridiculous 6.65 3 cone at the combine. If Stick is there in the 6th, he’s your guy.

It seems to me that Quinn had an opportunity to trade Stafford before he signed him to that huge contract. There were replacements to be had last year. Yeah, it would have required a trade up to get one, and if the goal is to replace Matt, why would we have hamstrung ourselves by signing him to a contract that all but prevents us from moving on before year three of that new contract?

Now, drafting a QB in the later rounds to develop is another matter, entirely.

The offense scored 10 points. Tie, at best, if you add back in the points the QB gave back. Only 3 in the first half. The Jets’ defense in 2018, 29th of 32, so it’s not like we were playing a great D.

QB is responsible for the offense. The reason he’s paid so much (15.7% of the salary cap in 2019) is because he’s the leader and has to play well.

If you can’t admit that he didn’t play well and keep trying to spread the blame to the rest of the team that DID NOT throw 4 picks, then you need to stop calling yourself “neutral”.

Ok, the special teams let Andre Roberts go off, which is kind of hard due to him being an ex Lion. But the offense scoring only 10 points (and then giving back 10 points) is not good enough to win no matter how good the defense and special teams are.

I think you don’t draft for immediate need, but future.

Suppose the Eagles had the same mentality? Suppose they didn’t have Foles when Wentz went down? No super bowl win for them.

We’re not going to be a super bowl team this year, are we?

Patricia said “super bowl or nothing”. So the incremental goal you want may not be in the long term interests, which shall be represented by this draft…

I like QB in the 5th route, like GB used to do, but the Pats take them high.

Brissett 3rd round, 2016

GanippGnopp 2nd round, 2014

Mallett, 3rd round, 2011

O’Connell 3rd round 2008

Just saying…

Maybe the goal was to (unlike Mayhew and Millen’s approach) build a team, THEN get a QB to play on already good team?

Stability at QB position for a few years while team is built.

Give Stafford 3 years to prove himself because he’s not exactly been elite up to that point.

The contract was structured to allow a trade after year 3. It’s very attractive to trade partner because they’re not paying the signing bonus, we’re eating that. The trade partner gets him cheap. We get cap relief. It could very well be a win win.

Maybe it goes like Tate? Contender loses QB. We trade Stafford since we’re already out of it for a ransom, and draft new guy who fits our system better.

Or maybe we draft a guy and he has to come in for Stafford because of another boo boo finger? Then he keeps the job, a la Tom Brady?

We can’t keep him at a reasonable price. 15% of the cap is not a good price. A trade splits that between 2 teams. Might even be a win for Stafford, too, because that team would have more to spend on supporting cast.

“If you draft for need in this league, you’ll be fired.”

-Bruce Arians

If you can’t admit that he didn’t play well and keep trying to spread the blame to the rest of the team that DID NOT throw 4 picks, then you need to stop calling yourself “neutral”.

He didn’t play well, and I said he is part of the team that didn’t play well. You have issue’s, either comprehension or something a little more sinister. I suggest that you need to call your mother…

BTW, anyone suggesting on the one hand that Stafford sucks and on the other that we could reap “think Hershel Walker” benefits in a trade needs to, call his mother…

You don’t get nuance well, do you?

Stafford is hogging up too many resources for what he’s worth.

You can’t pay Stafford 15.7% of the cap and put the team he needs around him. You can spend less, which is what the trade partner would get.

I should call your mother… for obvious reasons.

Man, I’m worried about Matt. Kelly having complications this early is not a good sign.
Pain like that leads me to think she may have neck complications, too! Been there.
Things are gonna be tough at the Stafford house for a while. Maybe years!
Poor guys going to have a lot on his plate.

Was just an issue tapering off of her medications. I don’t really see that as a big deal, TBH.

Overall though yeah, dude had to worry he was about to be a single dad. However, I’d say he’s probably come down quite a bit.

I thought it was just my head at the one week mark, too. Hopefully, that’s all it is.
I was only on steroids for 5 days.