Orlovsky: Murray and Cardinals' offense will unload on Lions - ESPN Video

Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, DanO.

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If he does and they do then we may as well start the speculation on a new GM and HC

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Can’t disagree. Two years in a row of getting our ass kicked by a rookie QB to start the season can’t reflect well on Patricia’s supposedly vaunted skills.

That said, DanO also ran out of the back of a fucking end zone, so I’m not entirely sure he’s the most trusted figure …


Dan O’shitski has been more if a lions hater than anything since he left. O love that no one gives us any credit and can’t wait to hear all their excuses when we win by double digits

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LOL! I’m feeling the same about Dan. He’s likely got some sour grapes over his perception of what happened, while he was here.

If the undersized rook has any success against us, it’ll be with his feet. I’m expecting at least one interception.

Hey, its his opinion. My opinion says he’s wrong.

Great insight, Amirite?

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Dan is nothing short of out of bounds on that opinion.


Meh, talk is cheap. I think we’ll see pressure on Murray force into some mistakes. I also think the real question is the Lions Offense, can they stay on the field, score some points, and eat time off the clock. Given that Arizona’s starting CBs are both not playing, there’s no reason why the Lions shouldn’t do well.

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I don’t see the Cardinals unloading on anyone until the Oline is upgraded.


I’m not talking shit about anyone until I see this this team play.
How much of our starting Defensive line is going to play?
Just how bad is our oline?
Who can blame Dan, or anybody, the Lions have had 1 top ten defense in 20 years!

I agree with Notfishinsunday…anything that is said about the Lions good or bad I take with a grain of salt.

He really should have learned how to toe the line by now.

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Oh this is rubbish
How does the #1 pick, to a horrible team, with a new offense, probably a new defense, missing key players … “unload” on what will likely be a top 5-10 defense?
No. Will not happen.
Even if they move nicely on the first drive, the Lions will quickly adjust
This game may start slow for both teams — just like last night
But the Lions will pull away in the 2nd half
Full confidence here

There will be no meltdown Sunday
Optimism and sunny sky’s

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The next time I respect Dan’s opinion will be the first time. The dude was a career back up QB on the worst team in football. He was also the QB who got the most playing time in the 0-16 season. He’s most famous for not knowing what an out of bounds line is. If anything, I feel much more confident than we shut the Cardinals down, now that Dan O-16 made that prediction.


Ah, cut him some slack lol… When 2 are making picks one more times than not will go opposite.

Who was the bearded guy? Looks familiar but I haven’t watched any ESPN in a couple years.


On Twitter, Dan usually focuses more on analyzing individual player performances. For the most part, he’s been positive and complimentary about Lions players.


This is a chance for Patricia to prove his salt to skeptics. It’s a challenge and he knows it.

Strategy #1: Ball control offense, move the chains and keep the clock rolling. Time of possession is key. The Cards D is bad against the run and down their two top CBs.

Strategy #2: Confuse the hell out of Murray as much as possible. Throw the book at him.

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I guess we’ll wait-n-see. That is why they play the game.

Was going to write the same but chose not to
There are so many reasons we see what we see on any of these shows
People need to understand that content delivered in these shows is mostly by design