Orlovsky not happy with AG (All 22)


Hard to argue what he is saying here.


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Why don’t tweets show up anymore? Am i doing it wrong?

Anyway, Darius Butler piling on.

Bad bad BAD! And to make matters worse look at where the Backer and Safety is blitzing from.


Geoff Schwartz (former OLineman for Lions) also chiming in:

They are also pressuring from so far away. The Seahawks screw up the protection to get Geno hit but the LB and safety are so far away they won’t make an impact on Geno

Terrible Defense

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Again it does look like Scheme is fucked, but players are also fucking up aswell

so its just fucked lol

I hope they switch back to 3-4 honestly, or even 4-3 with DT coming in, we need something simple, not complicated as hell


The down and distance calls are terrible. I mean what the hell.


This actually give me some hope. Remove some ofbthe imbecilic design and maybe we’re less terrible.


The guy sucks as a coordinator, not much more to say than that. He’s in way over his head. Someone made a post earlier that he doesn’t have a crutch like D Capers to lean on. Sure seems like it’s showing


Nobody is talking about the scariest part of that clip. Amani’s reaction after the big play. He looks to the sideline like “what the hell is this crap? Someone else take over the play calling.”

I know people like to believe this coaching staff has 100% buy-in…. And they may have before the season. But you’re not a pro athlete if you don’t have done feelings like Amani showed there somewhere deep down inside. Players on defense aren’t trusting anything, and honestly why should they?


Almost everything I see here is an issue with scheme. Glenn doesn’t put the right defense on the field for the down and distance. It’s bizarre.

It’s basic fundamentals.


Amani does that weird pirouette too much where he turns himself completely around. Is that normal footwork for a DB or he just using sloppy footwork? I never though that was proper, but they teach things differently these days.


until they get it settled go back to a cover 2 style. keep everything in front of you and with athletic lbs you might disrupt a play.

I do think a big part of this is the play calling. Sorry AG, but you are being exposed dude.

AG’s strategy calling plays…

Blitz 1 guy, didn’t work.
Blitz 2 guys, still didn’t work
Blitz 3 guys, they score a TD

Yell at the players on the sidelines.

Next drive, back to Blitzing. Football is a chess match, he’s playing checkers. Nothing wrong with blitzing now and then but you have to mix it up and keep offenses guessing. It’s just way too predictable. The Seahawks players ever mentioned it after the game. That’s pretty sad.


Exactly!!! The Seahawks never seemed to make any adjustments to what they were trying to do because it kept working.


We have the number 1 blitz rate in the NFL and the worst defense by a quarter mile. Are those 2 things related!? It aint that hard to figure out. This is not a GRIT problem. It’s an intelligence issue. We are being completely outcoached with zero adjustments on defense.


Noticed the same thing, just started in the last week or so. I’m guessing it may be something with the changes being made to the board in that time.

I actually think we may do better with a 3-4 this year. Stand Hutchinson and Harris up. Rodriguez and board are upgrades to what we had last season. Put bugs on the nose with brockers and McNeil at ends. Get McNeil on the treadmill until he’s down to 315. Okwara is much more effective as a rush linebacker than a defensive end. If/when paschal comes back you can move McNeil back to nose. Cominsky can also play heavy end.


Everyone refused to touch Lockett when he was down. They were all completely over it. But tbf AO got burned. And burned by the same move earlier in the game he should have been more prepared especially if he “wants to be the guy to cover other teams #1 on an island.” A more talented corner bails Ag out on a play like this even though there’s no need to be calling plays/taking risks like this with like DO says when it’s lockett vs AO

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Suh would be an improvement… Just saying

Obviously a change at DC too